Planning a vacation, picking a destination, and looking for places to visit can be overwhelming. If you’re trying to find a place to visit, then Jordan is the place for you.

Jordan is one of the most iconic ancient places in the Middle East. It’s home to museums, historic cities, and beachside resorts with something to suit every interest. Desert adventures, old architecture, the Dead Sea, and spectacular holy sites are only a few reasons to visit Jordan. With a population of just 10 million, some might believe Jordan has nothing to offer as a travel destination. Still, travelers will marvel at the history and beauty Jordan has to offer and will leave feeling uplifted by the generosity of its people.

From gorgeous landscapes to religious and historical sites, Jordan is a part of the Middle East that needs to be discovered. Here are some reasons why visiting Jordan will uplift your spirit.

Explore ancient cities like Petra.

Petra is the most popular attraction in Jordan. It’s an archaeological and historical city in the south. Petra is nicknamed Rose City due to the coloring of the stone; it also has a captivating entrance at the end of a stone hallway known as the Siq. Movie lovers will recognize the Siq in its appearance in the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

In the Bible, Petra was the land of the Edomites, ancestors of Esau. Edom and Israel constantly fought, which started with Edom not allowing Moses and the Israelites to trek through their land on their journey to Canaan. King David and Saul fought the Edomites.

Experience Jordanian hospitality.

If Jordan is celebrated, for one thing, it’s the kindness and hospitality of the people. The residents are always ready to support you and go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy yourself in Jordan. Be ready to get numerous invitations to tea and dinner.

Taste delicious food.

There’s more to Arab food than hummus and falafel. Home-cooked, traditional Jordanian food is some of the healthiest and tastiest food you’ll come across in the region. If you’re eating at someone’s home, the hosts will provide more food than you could eat. Some must-try dishes include makloubeh and mansaf, the national food of Jordan. If you decide to travel in the summer, the variety of colorful, refreshing salads, like tabbouleh, will go well with these meals. Fortunately for food lovers, dining out at the fanciest restaurants in Jordan is fairly cheap, but if you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage, be ready to spend.

Visit biblical and historical sites.

If you’re interested in religion or history, Jordan is a must-visit place. Jordan is home to the Holy Land and has some of the world’s oldest Christian communities. Jordan has plenty of magnificent sacred sites that bring people from worldwide. From the place of Jesus’ baptism to Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Holy Land, Jordan’s holy places will give new life to biblical stories, conserving ancient history in the architecture and landscape. There will likely be plenty of sacred site tours to choose from, so pick the one that works best for you.

Float in the Dead Sea.

The Dead is an enormous body of salt water on the southerly end of the Jordan River. The Dead Sea is mentioned 16 times in the Bible, mainly to describe the borders of the Holy Land. In the Bible, Genesis 14:3 is the only place that refers to the Dead Sea as a location. Other than that, it’s designated as a border for Israel. The Dead Sea was likely considered a boundary line than a destination for biblical people. However, numerous biblical towns sat on the shores of the Dead Sea, like Qumran, Masada, and En Gedi.

The Dead Sea operates as one of the most distinctive experiences in Jordan. Due to its high salt level, you can float effortlessly in the water. You can also cover yourself with natural mud, which has healing properties because of the high concentration of minerals and salts.

See the remarkable landscapes.

The north of Jordan is filled with luscious greenery, which seems a world away from the gorgeous deserts of the south. The mountainous terrain of Amman makes for beautiful sunsets over the city. If you live life on the wild side, take a hike in one of the valleys in central Jordan and delight in the stunning natural views while hiking.

Seeing religions co-exist.

Jordan is a Muslim-majority country, but you’ll also see long-established Christian communities in cities like Fuhais and Madaba. The harmony among the religions is widely celebrated in Jordanian society. You’ll see mosques and churches sitting across from each other and hear the Muslim call to prayer and church bells in the same area.

Experience diversity.

When journeying around Jordan, the diverse people and landscapes may surprise you. You’ll see the humble and peaceful lifestyle of the Bedouins in the Wadi Rum desert if you camp with them for one night. Still, don’t forget to see what the city life in Amman has to offer.

Understandably, Jordan wouldn’t be first on your list of places to visit. When planning a vacation, most people think of places like Europe, Thailand, Africa, or even Disney World. However, when planning your next vacation, consider adding Jordan to your places to visit.

Outside of the beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and charming people that will uplift your spirit, Jordan is filled with biblical history that will renew your soul and give you a new perspective on your faith. The biblical sites may still be worth visiting if you’re not religious or spiritual. You never know how these sites will touch your soul and inspire you to look at life differently.

Jordan offers a little bit of everything when it comes to vacationing. Whether you’re a history lover, foodie, spiritual person, or adventure seeker, Jordan has lots to offer, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll enjoy your time there. It’s a memory you and your family will have for a lifetime, and you won’t forget it.

For more information on the Holy Sites of Jordan and planning your trip, please visit www.holyjordan.com.

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