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He goes by many names Rookie, the Savior of the Redskins or to the NFL world as RG3. Any way you put it Griffin has exemplified the talent and strength necessary to put the Washington Redskins back on the map. At the young age of 22, Griffin has already won the Heisman Trophy in 2011 and has become a leader for the Redskins football organization.

‘‘There are guys on this team that don’t have three, four years to wait for me to develop, and continue to use the excuse that I'm a young quarterback,’’ he said. ‘‘London Fletcher doesn’t have that many years. (DeAngelo) Hall is a guy that, based on history, doesn’t have a ton of years left in his career, so I wanted them to know that I was going to come in and try to be ready as soon as possible, and I think I've done that. And by no means am I there, and I continue to get better, but I don’t hold myself to a rookie-type of mindset.”

Griffin doesn’t lack confidence and he believes that he can be the answer to a struggling Redskins team. ‘‘If you don’t believe, who else is going to believe?’’ Griffin said.

Griffin was born in Okinawa where his parents, both U.S. Army sergeants, were stationed. Throughout his adolescence Griffin was always a strong athlete. Griffin played football, basketball and ran track. As a junior, Griffin received the Gatorade Texas Boys Track and Field Athlete of the Year award, and was named to USA Today′s 2007 All-USA Track and Field team.

In college, Griffin attended Baylor University and graduated in three years with a degree in political science. Griffin entered the draft and was the No. 2 pick by the Washington Redskins, where he has made a home.

Griffin has continued to dedicate himself not only to making a difference in the NFL but also to helping others. He is a regular contributor to the charity Friends for Life – an organization dedicated to helping the elderly and others with disabilities live an independent and self serving life.

He may be a rookie but Griffin certainly doesn’t exemplify himself as a first year quarterback. Instead he exuberates confidence, energy and professionalism. “If I throw a pick, it’s not because I'm a rookie. It’s because I made a mistake. That’s how I look at it,” Griffin said. There is no limit or obstacle that Griffin feels he can’t overpass.

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