Ball Bounces Off Canseco’s Head

Back in the 1990s, baseball player Jose Canseco was the epitome of a suave and cool athlete. However, the swag player also is the owner of one of the best sports bloopers of all time. In May 1993, Canseco was chasing a Carlos Martinez fly ball headed toward the right field wall. The ball suddenly landed right on Canseco’s head, and bounced right off into the stands. Besides looking like it totally hurt, Canseco’s face quickly showed amusement. It’s a good thing it didn’t hit him right in the face. Even today, the moment is still incredibly hilarious for all those that watch.

Parker Returns Fumble the Wrong Way

Kent State linebacker Andre Parker was the most talked about name in football in 2012, but for all the wrong reasons. During Kent State’s 41-21 win over Towson, Parker picked up a punt and advanced it 58 years – but in the wrong direction. The play was called back and Kent State kicked a field goal after officials realized it was a muffed punt. The fact that the play happened in the first place though and was originally glossed over by officials makes it even more comedic. The poor Parker was only a sophomore who had played sparingly the season before.

Ball Flies Through Buckner’s Legs

In 1986, the Red Sox were on the verge of ending the "Curse of the Bambino" by winning its first World Series since 1918. During Game 6, a routine ground ball took a funny hop and somehow got past Bill Buckner. It went right in between his legs and he completely missed the opportunity to advance his team. The mistake happened in the 10th inning when the teams were tied up. The routine error was such a devastation for the team that worked so hard to get to where it was. However, fans thought the moment was absolutely hilarious. The Mets went on to win the World Series in seven games.

Webber Calls Accidental Timeout 

The moment was so iconic, it became known as “The Timeout.” On April 5, 1993 at the NCAA championship game between Michigan and North Carolina with only 11 seconds left, Chris Webber of Michigan called a timeout. There was only problem though – Michigan was out of timeouts. In that moment all of his teammates raised their hands to the top of their heads in the pose now known as the "surrender cobra." The mistake completely cost Michigan the game. This was such a poor mistake that caused the basketball world to go into uproar. It was such a fatal flaw that it is still talked about today.

Okam’s Worst Free Throw Ever

We have to realize that making free throws isn’t always easy and mistakes are going to happen. However Brian Okam really screwed up for the Appalachian State Mountaineers in their 2012 game against Western Carolina University. He had by far the worst free throw attempt you will ever see, which drives everyone howling in laughter. Even the announcers can’t help but laugh. The team lost the game to Western Carolina by six. Unfortunately, Okam couldn’t take the pressure. Overall counts became twenty-eight missed free throws, six losses for Appalachian State, and a rescinded athletic scholarship for Okam.

Stefan Misses Empty Net

Hockey isn’t exempt from their fair share of blunders as well. Former Dallas Stars forward Patrick Stefan had proven to be a steady defensive forward that his team trusted in tough situations on the ice. Stefan was out there in that final minute of a game against the Edmonton Oilers when he made a horribly funny mistake. Stefan whiffed on an empty net and watched as the Oilers went the other way to score the game-tying goal with about two seconds left. Stefan would not play in the NHL after that season. This was probably the biggest NHL bust of all time.

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