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In this digital, turbocharged era we don’t always take the time to consider the bigger picture and the bigger questions. Rainn Wilson shares his thoughts on some of the most important faith questions of our day in his new book, SOULPANCAKE, and he wants to know what Beliefnet readers have to say, too. The Question is: Why is talking about God so awkward? Post your thoughts in the comment section below. Return to Rainn Wilson main page.

I don't think it is awkward at all. If it's awkward you aren't in it 100%. It should be easy to talk about God and to have faith and know you're planting seeds throughout the world.
- Jeniffer Homison

I have no shame in discussing what I believe with anyone. If someone else has problem with it, that is THEIR problem, not mine.
- Kristin Gladstone Thomas

Yes, because it usually ends up in (what I'd like to stay) a discussion about religion, but instead turns into an ugly debate over who's "right" and who's "wrong". I'd love to discuss things like that with enlightened souls that don't feel threatened just because you bring up a different point of view.
- Sheila M. Greenway

I don't find it awkward to talk about God; I do find it awkward at times if I feel that the person I'm talking to is narrow-minded about God --- someone who thinks he or she has all the answers.

- Tamara Miles Gantt

I don't think so. I talk about Jehovah and Jesus all the time
- Dre Ausler

No, it's not for me.
- Vincent Maytubby

NEVER awkward. Our God is an Awesome God. I will shout it from the rooftops !!!
- Garen Abelsky Ripley

No it's not awkward to talk about God anywhere. At times it was only him who loved me and carried me through very difficult stuff in my life. I [am] glad he loved me enough to do that. So why feel awkward about talking about him or his love for me.
- Virginia Baines

For the World is of the flesh, and thus the Devil's playground. So only those children of God that are nourished in the meat of the Lord are able to overcome the Devil's roadblocks. Most children of God are still nursing on the milk of the word, too young to overcome the Devil's detours.
- Bobby Sullivan

Depends if the person is receptive to what I am speaking about. I don't force my beliefs on anybody--share maybe--but not force.
- Sandra Robb Sanderford

It is difficult because of the fact the past ten or eleven years there has been a population of militant atheists who are really outwardly obnoxious, and they chose to interfere with any spiritual discussion.
- Vern Wolitski

Yes, it is quite hard to discuss how you feel about God and Jesus because many people now are ignorant of what it means to be a person of faith. I wonder how many people actually know what All Hallows is about? My friends are always just like, "stop talking about random crap that didn't happen" which is a bit disheartening, but I try
- Nicola Benn

I haven't had that experience. I find most people open to talking about God as long as a person doesn't feel that his version of GOD/religion is the only version.
- Kirie May Schmidt Paddy

I don't have a problem talking about GOD.. I have a problem with CHRISTIANS pulling the “your going to hell” crap when you don't believe the way they do. And all of them don't even believe the same. It’s a crock ! Then they start the judging and hating on you. Sad.
- Theresa Benevides

Depends. Some people are quite "holier than thou" about religion or non-religion. I believe all religious paths have truth to them and I think people have the right to worship or not worship in any way they want. Granted, I sometimes say and do stupid things, but at least when I do I usually catch myself and apologize. I understand that some people are gung ho, that their way is the only way, but you don't have to shove it down other peoples' throats. Just an opinion. It's one thing to discuss faith--it's quite another to be entirely rude and belittling of everyone who doesn't see things the way you do. Blessings to all.
- Marianne Silverstein

Ahhh …wouldn't it be nice if we all could love one another?
- Theresa Benevides

@ Sheila and Kirie: I agree with you here. Often times folks who are asking others to be "open-minded" when talking about the divine are veiling the wish for the other to think the way they do. However, as you say, Kirie, so long as the discussion is an objective one--spiced with our own experiences and interpretations--then it no longer becomes a "prostylization" episode. Shouting about God from the rooftops often won't win you a receptive audience. To be fair about the negative views toward atheists...you ask for people to have an open mind, yet close yours in the process. Many atheists are that way simply because of a poor showing in disposition by the faithful. All religions, mostly of the Abrahamic origins, have a dark history in dealing with faith systems different from their own. I believe open dialog is the best solution here. That's why I've started this initiative called Project Conversion. If we have a little more of this, we might have hope for a little less fighting over something no one can prove to be correct anyway.
- Andrew Bowen

I've never thought it was awkward to talk about God !!!!!!
- Phillip Dupree

Nope. Have no trouble talking about my Father.
- Paula Hodge

No it is not awkward for me to talk about God. I talk about Him daily.
- Bonita Solita

I don't think it is awkward to talk about God. In fact, we should do more sharing with each other about our belief systems. Most Christian have no idea what Muslims actually believe in.We should try to find a common ground. Both Jews and Muslims share a very similar holiday which entail the story of when Abraham went to the mountain and out of obedience to God was willing to kill his son. But Abraham did not have to, as God made provided a lamb/animal to stand in for Abraham’s son. The only difference in the story is: Jews believe the son was Issac, Muslims believe it was Ismael. Now compare this to the Christ, who is the lamb of GOD, the blood sacrifice, who takes away the sins of the world. Once again, God substitutes his son--the lamb-- to pay the debt. When I tell this to my Christian, Jewish and/or Muslim friends, they are amazed. You see, we are more alike than different.
- Nancy Joll-Ramirez

No. Nor am I trying to convince others to have the same beliefs.
- Beth Davis Pitt

It is not awkward at all for me.
- Betty Davis

No. It is my responsibility as a Christian to share my faith.
- Joyce Wheatley Shockley

I think it's awkward for some because they don't know him in the fullness and the glory, therefore it’s difficult to talk about that which is foreign to you.
- Arlicia Wade

I'm an agnostic, and it's not one bit awkward for me to talk about God. I mean, how can it be? About all I can add to the conversation is, "He might be real; he might not. Either way it's unproven and unprovable." But when atheists and agnostics talk about God, usually what we're really talking about are theists' beliefs concerning God and their actions on his behalf. Sometimes I have to watch what I say or word it carefully. No point in offending anyone. It can be somewhat challenging [to] discuss such matters, but I can and will do it anyhow.
- Mary Anne Landers

I have never felt awkward sharing my beliefs, but I have never wished to force people to believe as I do, and I do not wish to debate or be forced to accept the beliefs of another as my own.
- Rj Sutton

It's a very personal choice that a person makes about what and why they believe when it comes to religion. I am comfortable talking about it, but I am careful not to preach to somebody. I say, "My beliefs are…,” not "this is what the Bible says, so THIS is what YOU need to believe." That is what makes people uncomfortable. Don't preach.
- Barbara Bender

It's impossible to "talk" about "God." The word is a placeholder for the ineffable, non-conceptual, incomprehensible mystery of the universe. "He" certainly has no gender, personality, or any other anthropomorphic qualities assigned by us puny humans on earth, just barely beginning to become self-aware after billions of years of cosmic evolution. Most god talk is based on fear and emotion. The best way to know God is to "be still and know I Am."
- Lonny Brown

No not at all! Actually, I feel very comfortable talking about the Lord outside of the normal venues. It's quite refreshing! You are free to be as loud and expressive as you want to be!
- Adriene Robinson

I find it easy to talk about religion. It is much harder to discuss religion.
- Bob Wells

If one feels awkward, most likely he/she has mixed beliefs towards God. On one hand, everyone want to believe god exists. And on the other hand, when one experiences more suffering than blessing, he/she is hurt and wondering where is God when he/she is in trouble or in pain or suffering? it's this half baked feeling towards God that can shake one’s confidence about talking to God..
- Low Jarene

It’s odd isn't it? You can talk about the weather or work but you say “God” and everyone runs away from you!
- Tressa Mizer

It's not awkward once the door is open and you know you have a willing audience. It's just getting the ball rolling when people's focus is elsewhere!! I always say if people knew how much HE loved them they would want to talk to him FIRST!
- Llora Louise Lacey

I do not know, but I wish I did
- Rhea McCoy

I had a neighbor tell me that the devil was in my house and she stopped coming over because my son brought a girl who was married to the house once when she was over there. That's going too far.
- Sandra Robb Sanderford

Yes, as much as we say there is freedom of speech, most of us are still confined. The world now has many people with wrong prejudices and extremist viewpoints on the basis of which you are judged. The realization is not there that ALL Gods are one, more or less one deity and one sovereign power--be it a Muslim, Jew, Christian. The love Muslims have for Allah is the same as what Christians feel for Jesus. If only people become more accepting and open minded to all religions.
- Farva Patel

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