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In this digital, turbocharged era we don’t always take the time to consider the bigger picture and the bigger questions. Rainn Wilson shares his thoughts on some of the most important faith questions of our day in his new book, SOULPANCAKE, and he wants to know what Beliefnet readers have to say, too. The Question is: What do you worship? Post your thoughts in the comment section below. Return to Rainn Wilson main page.

- Yolanda Viviana

The Lord and Lady in their various forms (I'm Neo-Pagan).
- Annapurna Moffatt

Jesus Christ!!! He totally rocks.
- Serenna Morgan

Jesus & my family
- Misty K. Streightiff Settle

- Jenny Houdini

Only our Lord and savior. Almighty God. Not my church, pastor, prophets, or material things. Only God.
- Tammie Tillis

The day. Because waking up is something awesome to me....if that makes any sense
- Juna Miller

My ancestors and the gods and goddesses of my people. My blood.
- Saymone L. Snyder

The almighty dollar.
- Lynda George Allshouse

The Universe.
- Jennifer Alexander

Nothing. There are no creation deities in Buddhism, therefore there is nothing to worship.
- Reuben Rutledge

God, Jesus & Mother Mary
- Sharon Martin Falgout

The one and only true God. The Lord Jesus Christ.
- Elaine Brower

Gods and Goddesses...I am Wiccan..
- Shelby Kathleen Maxwell

Father God my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...none other.
- Sharon Segura

- Kristin Gladstone Thomas

God and of course Jesus too.
- Nicole Voelkel

- Cindy Corpening

- Sandra C. Hodges

The Lord Jesus Christ, the only one that die for my sins.
- Villanueva Nayda

The Trinity. Of course I honor Blessed Mary. Totally devoted!
- Julia Furtado-Lavoie

The one and only our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ
- Winnoane Barfield Mealing

- April Church Smith

Our Lord and Savior
- Sandra Robb Sanderford

Mary, Mother of Jesus was a wonderful woman but we should not Worship her. Only God! He is the one that predestines our lives and knows us by name!
- Donna Kachler

Jesus Christ is Lord!
- Jacqueline Silva Gibson

It is not WHAT but WHO. God and His Son Jesus Christ!!!!
- Levhon Phillips

Not what, but whom... our creator God!
- Alan N Selma Collette

Bob Marley
- Mizza Breeze

God and only God.
- Paula Hodge

I worship my Lord and Savior.....
- JoAnn King

The Lord Jesus and have the holy spirit as my best friend.
- Heidi Morales

Three cheers to the THREE in ONE yet still the ONE and ONLY.
- Jodie Anderson Haverdink

G-D and only G-d!
- Rachel Shyken Bobrosky

Not What, but Whom...My Lord Jesus Christ!!!
- Joyce Wheatley Shockley

The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
- Tressa Bouler-Johnson

- Jack Boerner

It's Higher than me, and I can't see it. It is nice whether it is he or she or it
- Mary Ann Blomquist-Miller-Gogoleski

No one. I am not that superstitious!
- Michael McCarthy

The Lord, My savior!
- Kelly Moyer Schock

I'm a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist; therefore I worship the Gohonzon. And I can't explain that in 25 words or less!
- Mary Anne Landers

The "Almighty" Christ !!!!!!!!!
- Susan Henle

I worship the one true God who creates everything & Jesus/Yeshua who shed His precious blood to cleanse my sins & saved me.
- Tina Louise Hutchins

- Blanca Luz Bellizia Zapata

The G-d Jesus(He was a Jew you know) worshiped.
- Bob Wells

The Lord!!!
- Phyllis Halsey

The almighty Jehovah God!!
- Tamika McRae

The ONE and ONLY giver of salvation Jesus Christ.
- Dylan Jacob Fisher

Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you become quiet and listen to God. You've learned how to talk and ask well. Time to learn how to listen and hear, because God has been answering you.
- Somnath Mitra

I worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is nothing like reading His Word, Singing His praises, Praying openly and without holding anything back..He already knows it anyway. God uses His Word, Prayer, and other Christians to show us where He is at work and asks us to join in His work. Praise to the One and Only God--yesterday, today, and forever! In Christ,
- Christina Susan Lord

I don't worship any person or deity; I don't believe in that form of religion but I do believe in a higher realm beyond our physical bodies when we die, like the movie Ghost or Ghost Whisperer.
- Tina Gagnon

- Denise Stacy

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