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Have you ever wondered about how we got here and what our mission is on this planet? Rainn Wilson chews on these questions all the time, and thus created a website, and now a book, called SOULPANCAKE, to address life’s biggest questions. As part of book tour, he is spending a day on Beliefnet to share his thoughts from the chapter on “God and Religion.”

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“Why would an ungainly comic actor best known for playing and intense dork of a paper salesman help create an artsy book and website about spirituality , creativity, and philosophy?” he writes. We think it is because he is much more of a deep thinker and open-hearted man than he portrays on TV!

In this digital, turbocharged era we don’t always take the time to consider the bigger picture and the bigger questions. Here Rainn Wilson shares his thoughts on 5 of the most important faith questions of our day. And he wants you to nibble on these questions as well. Click the fortune cookie to see his video answer. Then click the What Beliefnet Readers Say to see your answers. Post your own in the comment section.

Sharing author credits for SOULPANCAKE, and the website by the same name, are Rainn's pals Devon Gundry, Colriz Lucina, and Shabnam Mogharabi.

Visit SoulPancake.com.  Find out more, and buy the SOULPANCAKE book.

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