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In this digital, turbocharged era we don’t always take the time to consider the bigger picture and the bigger questions. Rainn Wilson shares his thoughts on some of the most important faith questions of our day in his new book, SOULPANCAKE, and he wants to know what Beliefnet readers have to say, too. The Question is: How did we get here? Post your thoughts in the comment section below. Return to Rainn Wilson main page.

Once when I was feeling frightened of the idea of eternity, of "going on forever," my friend said with a smile: "You've been going on forever. It won't be anything new." I really like that.
- Tamara Miles Gantt

We were created by God! Just as it says in the Bible! I am a christian!
- Danny Kimberly Mclaughlin

Created by my Heavenly Father...Creator of all above and below.
- Sharon Sequra

"In the beginning God created Heaven & Earth." -Genesis 1:1. That pretty well sums it up for me. We are all individual creations by our Heavenly Father, and our earthly Mother and Father.
- Lisa Foster

Read the book of Genesis. It explains it all.
- Karen M. Ruch

The same way Jesus did, from Mother.
- Kathleen J Lyle

@ Lisa: Well said. I concur.
- Paula Hodge

We got here because we created the karma to do so. Obviously I'm a Buddhist.

- Mary Anne Landers

‎"Against your will were you born"- Avot. Yet here we are. Each of us has a job to do. Do it good.
- Bob Wells

The world and it's workings are a mystery. We may never know. Even science cannot explain scientifically the existence of this space called universe.
- Alexander Amechi Okafor

As hard as it is sometimes to believe that there is an almighty being that created heaven and earth, it is much harder to believe that everything just happened to randomly created by complete accident.
- Robert L. Olson

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