Pope and Matthew

On dancing the tango: “I like it a lot. It’s something that comes from within me.”

Pope and Matthew

"We have a big appetite for putting people down but, at the heart of everyone, there’s enough room for all of us to succeed."

Pope and Matthew

"The Marxist ideology is wrong. But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people, so I don’t feel offended."

Pope and Matthew

"Now, you lose something in your life, or you come into a conflict, and there’s going to come a time that you’re going to know: There was a reason for that."

Pope and Matthew

"I say to the paparazzi, ‘Fellas, take your shot and go.'"

Pope and Matthew

"I believe in God, not in a Catholic God, there is no Catholic God, there is God and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation."

Pope and Matthew

"We dissect failure a lot more than we dissect success."

Pope and Matthew

"Transcendence remains because that light, all in everything, transcends the universe and the species it inhabits at this stage."

Pope and Matthew

"I want to thank God because that’s who I look up to. He has graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand."

Pope and Matthew

"God is the light that illuminates the darkness, even if it does not dissolve it, and a spark of divine light is within each of us."

Pope and Matthew

"I think I can keep a rhythm to a beat, but there are quite a few people who would argue with me."

Pope and Matthew

"I was raised on, ‘You go get a nine-to-five job, earn your pay and work your way up.'"

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