How do you relax your spirit during a stressful time?


What's your most negative quality?


Would you describe yourself as religious?


The Others are coming. What's the first thing you do?


If you suspected that someone you knew was lying, how would you confront them?


How do you interact socially with a group of people you don't know?


What would you do for fun if you were on the island?


How would you most like to spend quality time with your partner?


If someone asked for your opinion on "fate," what would you say?


Your friends would describe you as being:

Your result is:
You're Locke
Like everyone's favorite adventurer, you're a mystic. During a time of trial, like the death of a friend, you tend to find answers in your faith. You are always looking inward, whether you're trying to get answers after Boone's death or trying to figure out where it went wrong with Helen. The thing you should worry about is becoming so involved in your inner life that you neglect those around you.
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Your result is:
You're Sun
Just like the smart and dependable Sun, you are a traditionalist. You try to avoid confrontations unless they are really necessary because you prefer to let others sort out their own problems in their own time. Although you aren't one of the first to volunteer for a mission against the Others, you are the first to gather medicine and tend to the sick and wounded. Most likely, your background was very traditional, and even when you question your heritage you would never deny it.
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Your result is:
You're Hurley
Like funny, personable Hurley, you're a seeker. Maybe you grew up religious, or maybe you didn't, but you haven't committed to any one set of beliefs. You tend to find that sometimes making it to the end of the day is a journey in itself. For now, you satisfy your spiritual needs by getting advice and guidance from the people you trust, whether that means asking Sawyer for advice about girls or getting Libby to help you lose weight.
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You're Kate
Like the show's heroine, you are an innovator. Brave, impulsive, and manipulative, you are someone who prefers to take action versus sitting back. You are resourceful and pragmatic. You also don't fear danger, but willingly face it instead of hiding. In fact, you are always the first to volunteer for Jack's missions into the jungle. Even though you're willing to help, you also look out for number one; if something benefits you in the long run, you will think of any means to get what you need and want.
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You're Jack
Just like the show's central character, you're a skeptic. You think religion and reason are totally separate from each other. In tough situations, you turn to science, not faith, to get you through and help you survive. However, the real test of your values will be how you deal with the relationships in your life during difficult times. Will you let Kate escape even though it means Sawyer goes with her? Will you trust Juliet? Your character depends on what you do.
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