<p>Although one might not think of TV's "The Office" (the American version), as an overtly religious show, some of its characters have openly expressed a faith and some of its funniest moments have been spiritual in nature. </p> <p>Test your knowledge of "The Office" with our trivia quiz.</p>

Angela has said that she would want these two books with her if stranded on a desert island--the Bible and this popular Christian book:


What book did Angela say she would like to have with her on a deserted island so that she can burn it?


What did Pam's grandmother discover at Jim and Pam's wedding that upset her?


Dwight claims to have performed this ritual on himself:


What does Michael say is "the most sacred thing" he does?


In an episode of the show, the employees of Dunder Mifflin conduct a funeral for a bird who flew into the office's doors and died. Afterwards they light the coffin (a cardboard box) on fire. Which of the following religions does NOT require open-air cremation of the dead?


Michael mistakenly believes that Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is an Indian version of this holiday:


Which character went to seminary for a year, but dropped out because he wanted to have sex?


During the Moroccan Nights themed Christmas party, Phyllis removes most of the Nativity set from Angela's desk, except for these statues:

Note: Because they fit with the theme.

During a company intervention for Meredith organized by Michael he asks her the following question (he says he got it off a website):


During the Moroccan Nights themed Christmas party, Phyllis serves Halwa Shebakia cookies, which are typically served during which religious holiday?


While pondering the idea that some believe there might not be a God, Michael asks the following question?


Michael doesn't try to hide his hatred of Toby and often calls him evil names. Which name has he NOT called Toby?


What does Phyllis say about the fact that she is Lutheran and her husband Bob is Unitarian?


Dwight claims that he was shunned—an Amish technique he describes as "slapping someone with silence"—from the age of 4 to 6 because:


When Dwight euthanizes Angela's cat Sprinkles without her permission, she becomes upset because being euthanizes prevents this from happening:


During the Diwali party Dwight and Michael compose a song for the holiday, to the tune of "The Chanukah Song." In it they sing that you do NOT want to invite these to any Diwali celebrations:


After a series of incidents at Dunder Mifflin, Michael suggests the company may have been:


According to Michael, forgiveness is:


Which of the following does Sadiq—the Sikh technical support specialist—like to do in his spare time:


During Michael's toast at Phyllis and Bob's wedding, he mistakenly reads the definition of this word to describe a wedding:


Pam, and this character, briefly bond in an episode over their shared faith—Presbyterianism:

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