In the earliest published version of Little Red Riding Hood:


The seven dwarfs from “Snow White” were first given names in a 1912 stage play. What were they?


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (famously known as the Brothers Grimm) began collecting folktales in 1806. Which of the following is true of them?


The original Cinderella story was much different from the Disney version. Which of the following is true of the original fairy tale?


In the original story, published in 1697 by Charles Perrault, what was Little Red Riding Hood’s actual name?


Modern versions of “The Frog Prince” have the frog transforming when the princess gives him a single kiss. In the original story, the frog transform when the princess:


In the original fairy tale, Rapunzel is named after what?


In the first book published by the Brothers Grimm, which of the following is NOT a fairy tale that was included?


In the earliest versions of “Little Red Riding Hood,” who eats the grandmother?


In addition to their work collecting German folktales, the Brothers Grimm were also accomplished:


In “Rumpelstiltskin,” a princess must discover an evil dwarf’s name or else forfeit her firstborn. The ending of the story, however, has changed dramatically over time. Which of the following is NOT a way in which the tale has ended?


“Thumbling,” the fairy tale predecessor to “Tom Thumb,” is about a tiny boy no bigger than a thumb. In the original tales, which of the following creatures does NOT eat him?


An enchantress turns a prince into a hideous monster in “Beauty and the Beast.” In the original story, what was the reason for the spell?

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