Hope is the dolphin saved in Dolphin Tale 2.

Hope was the dolphin rescued in Dolphin Tale 2, when the crew was doing their wrap party for Dolphin Tale 1. Hope is Winter's partner - the dolphin rescued in Dolphin Tale 1.

Bamboo Harvester, otherwise known as Mr. Ed, was known for having a bad temper while filming.

Bamboo was picked for the role of Mr. Ed because he was not temperamental and could work with the string in his mouth for hours with out any complaints.

Terry, the terrier that played Toto in The Wizard of Oz, made more than some of the human actors.

Terry was paid $125 salary each week, while some actors that played munchkins, in the film, made $50 - 100 per week. Terry worked in a dozen of other films including Bright Eyes with Shirley Temple, and Tortilla Flat with Spencer Tracy and Hedy Lamar. Ter

MGM Studios were the backing to the TV series Lassie.

Pal, known to everyone as Lassie, starred in seven movies for MGM. When MGM stopped making Lassie films, they still owed Rudd Weathermax, Pal's owner, money and he accepted the rights to the Lassie character in lieu of the payment. He took the Lassie Char

Keiko the killer whale from Free Willy was not paid for his role in the movie.

Keiko earned over $36 million in pay for his role in Free Willy and eventually gained his freedom back in 2002, when he was put back into the open sea.

Eddie, the Jack Russell from Frazier, is really named Eddie.

Eddie's real name is Moose. He earned $10,000 for each episode, while he was on the show. When Moose started getting older, the dog's son, Enzo took over his role.

Winter, in the Dolphin Tale 1, is named after the winter season she was discovered.

Winter was rescued during the winter season - so they decided it was fitting to name her Winter. She was two months old when she was rescued. Winter was caught in a rope - the loss of blood supply to the tail caused most of the tail to naturally fall off
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