How long is the Tour de France?

All of the stages are timed to the finish; after finishing the riders' times are compounded with their previous stage times.The rider with the lowest aggregate time is the leader of the race and gets to don the coveted yellow jersey. While the general cla

What does the winner of the Indy 500 chug after winning?

Why chug milk, you ask? It all started in 1933. After Louis Meyer won his second Indianapolis 500, he requested a cold bottle of buttermilk to quench his thirst. The Yonkers, NY native had grown up drinking the beverage and favored it throughout his racin

Who is the only person in Cuba to win the gold in both the 400 and 800m races?

Alberto Juantorena, born December 3, 1950, is a Cuban former track athlete, famed for his nine foot stride length.

How many free throws did Shaquille O'Neal miss over the course of his entire career?

Despite his terrible free throw shots and the foul line, Shaq is one of the best NBA players to play the game.

What is the longest NASCAR race on tour?

The event, when first held in 1960, became the first race to be held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Run since 1960, it is the longest race sanctioned by NASCAR at 600 miles. It is also a race where it crosses between daylight, dusk and night time.

Which group of teams do not have a cheer leading squad?

Of the non-cheering squad teams, five have won the last seven Super Bowls.

Who holds the record for longest career as sportscaster?

Wolff began his 73 year career by covering the Washington Senators.

Which monumental trophy has had engraving mistakes?

There are actually a few engraving mistakes - one being the 1972 Boston Bruins being misspelled as "BQSTQN."

From 1900-1920 which sporting even was part of the Summer Olympics?

During its time as an Olympic sport, it was considered to be part of the Olympic athletics programme, although the sports of tug of war and athletics are now considered distinct.

Which state has the most golf courses?

North Dakota has the most golf courses per capita.
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