Possibly one of the best one hit wonders, the Macarena is by the spanish band Los del Rio. The song is about a woman named Macarena. The hit song appeared on the band's 1994 album A Mi Me Gusta. The song and dance were a huge hit, becoming an international hit in 1995 - 1996.

The Robot

The robot, or known to others as the mannequin, is an illusionary street dance style of dancing. The dance move became very popular when music legends like Michael Jackson began incorporating the illusion of being a robot into his dance routines. The dance was created in 1967 and became a huge hit because it was unlike any dance moves during that time.

The Twist

In 1959, the song The Twist was released by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters but it only debuted #28 on the top 100 Billboard. Then in 1960 the song was covered by Chubby Checker and soon reached the #1 spot. The song forever popularized the song and the dance.


The moonwalk dance is a popping technique made infamous by Michael Jackson and is still today one of the most popular dance moves around. Other greats like Dick Van Dyke, James Brown and various Soul Train performances are accredited with making moonwalking as a dance staple.

The Chicken Dance

The chicken dance is also known as The Duck Dance, The Birdie Dance, The Dance of the Little Birds, and many other renditions depending on which country you're in. The popular dance song has been around since the late 60s and several different versions have been released since.

The Cha Cha Slide

The Cha Cha Slide is a popular song played in dance clubs and at weddings. Willie Perry Jr. wrote and released the song in early 1998. The song was inspired by the stepping movement in Chicago during the 90s. The Cha Cha Slide is a contemporary American folk line dance.

The Hammer

Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known as MC Hammer, released the song "Cant Touch This" and the dance he performed during in the video became a national   phenomenon. The Hammer was the most popular dance of the late 80s.

The Electric Slide

The Electric Slide is the most popular four wall line dance. The song was released and originally performed by Marcia Griffith's song "Electric Boogie" in 1994. There's been several law suits over the license and creation of the popular dance that is now a popular wedding dance.

The Hookie Pokey

No one is very sure where The Hookie Pokey originated because there are several versions and titles all over the world. The song didn't become popular in the US until the 1950s. Now the song is sung all over the world and is adored by children of all ages.

Gangnam Style

The Gangnam Style dance was released July 2012 and is a Korean pop dance. The style is said to represent classy people who want to let loose and dance funky. The phenomenom has reached the US and everyone from Ellen to Katy Perry have filmed themselves dancing Gangnam Style.

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