Daniel Ball's new song, "Cold Day in December," has gone viral after being released. The song highlights the true meaning of Christmas, resonating with many Christians worldwide.

In a statement, Ball emphasized how importance the song is saying,  "As I grow older, I become more selective in choosing my battles. This approach may lead to reduced conflict and stress, but it could also lead to unintended consequences. Silence isn't always the best choice. In our society, numerous causes are forcefully imposed upon us, while many of our enduring traditions and beliefs are dismissed as outdated or irrelevant. These changes can be subtle or, at times, blatant. This year, I've chosen to take a stand against those trying to cancel the real reason for the season. 'Cold Day in December' is a cautionary tale about what Christmas would become without Christ. I fully understand that this song will not be commercially popular, and it’s going to be an uphill battle to get it heard. My prayer is that it will awaken an army that has been silent for too long. Join me in a battle that is worth fighting. Let's keep Christmas alive!"

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