Following the success of Israel and New Breed’s collaborative efforts, Christian artist and worship leader Israel Houghton is returning to his roots as a solo artist for his latest album “The Power of One.” More than just music, “The Power of One” has become a movement for the artist and his team. It is an opportunity to remind people that it only takes one person to set the wheels of change in motion.

Israel spoke to Beliefnet about the story behind “The Power of One”, why fans almost didn’t get to hear the title track, and shared his thoughts on the economic crisis and how we can get out of it.

How did "The Power of One" come about?

It sort of surfaced around a song that I wrote a few years back. Actually it’s been two and a half years now. It was just before we recorded the “Deeper Level” record, and I said, “Well, maybe this song goes on this [album].” But even before that, it was actually a song that we were asked to write for a mainstream female artist. As I was getting ready to send the demo off to this artist, [my wife] Meleasa was like, “Don’t you dare send that song, there is a moment for that song that you have to deliver, don’t give it away.” And I said, “Well, all right.” So then we started thinking, maybe it goes on the “Deeper Level” record and when we talked to the label and some of our team, they said, “’Power of One’ is a movement and a campaign all its own, so don’t tack it on to "Deeper Level," which is its own thing.” We felt like we had a good song, and started building the rest of the record around it and we feel very much like it was a mission accomplished as far as the whole record is concerned.

The theme around the “Power of One” is when you know who is with you, not being afraid, not being discouraged, knowing that goodness and mercy are following us all the days of our lives. It almost seems like--though it wasn’t intended--every song sort of has a bit of that theme in it. That he is near, he is closer than we think sometimes, and that it’s going to be alright. Every song speaks to that kind of uplifting, encouraging theme.

If you look at the last eight records that we have done, they have all sort of been a link in a chain. I first said “A New Season” is coming, and then after a while we started saying, we are “Going to Another Level,” and after that we actually went to another Level, in South Africa. And then out of that came “Deeper Level”, which was all about identity and really knowing who we are in Christ. And I think when you know that, you can...maybe not change the whole world, but you could certainly change your world, your surroundings, your family, your environment, the row that you sit on at church, your youth group and that sort of thing.

That’s where all of this works together and stylistically, if I had to declare this is who I really am, this record captures that better than anything, because it’s got all these sort of gumbo of sounds, styles, and cultures all mixed together, but there is this common thread in it. Even though some songs are way different than each other, it never feels like they should have never been on this record, you know, that’s like a true account of what’s coming out of my heart.

What inspired you to create this melting pot of sounds?

I think it’s really an evolution of just growing comfortable with trying stuff. Never feeling like, “Uh-huh, well the public will like this.” I have never based what I do on whether people like it and sometimes that’s been to my own detriment. For the most part, I have always felt good about the fact that I was just honest with what I wanted to say, be it lyrically, stylistically, or musically.

How can people to put “The Power of One” to work in their lives as far as the economic crisis goes?

Well certainly speaking to the westernized culture and speaking to that American mindset, on our worst day—job or no job—we are still in the one percentile of the wealthiest people in the world. And having been all over the world and realizing that many people all over the world live on a dollar a day at best, I promise you every American reading right now has a dollar in their couch somewhere. So I think there is a need to have a better understanding of the world around us and the real need around us. I don’t even think it's about economics as much as it is about the difference a smile can make. The difference a kind word can make.

I am here, 37 years later, as a result of the power of one. One lady who sort of crossed the uncomfortable line to tell my mother about Christ when she was eight months pregnant and messed up in her life. Out of that one encounter she obviously felt something and felt like, maybe I can make a difference in somebody’s life today.

And she did and it has since had a reverberating effect in my life and the life of a lot of people that I have been able to communicate with and touch.