Shake it Off

No matter how good or bad you do in life there will always be naysayers that are ready to knock you down. And the reality is you can't change anyone's mind. Instead you have to be willing to own your existence and "shake it off." Go after your dreams and do your best. Instead of trying to make everyone else happy do you. If you can shake off the bad vibes that others send your way you'll be able to overcome anything that comes your way. Don't allow adversities and other negative elements to bring you down. Remember, negativity is contagious. If you want to thrive in life then you have to be willing to shake it off.

We Are Never Getting Back Together

Your heart is going to get broken - a lot! Instead of looking for your happiness within someone else vow to make yourself happy first. Don't allow any guy to cause you to feel less about yourself. If a guy is suppose to be the one he'll be willing to raise you up and will never allow you to compromise who you are as an individual. Despite how in "love" you think you are remember that real love will never make you miserable more than it makes you happy.

Jump Then Fall

Despite the heart breaks and tears, don't love with a jaded heart. Go into every relationship with open arms and be willing to love with your heart on your sleeve. Love is suppose to be life changing and it brings out the best in a person. Don't be afraid to jump and fall into love. Accept the good and bad days and be willing to work at the relationship.


At fifteen-years-old every teenager thinks they have it all figured out. You believe everything you hear because you are naive and the answers to life seem to be visible. But you must remember this is just the beginning - you're only fifteen. Instead of thinking that you have already evolved into the person you were meant to be, take a breath and take it all in. Live in the moment but remember that you have your whole life in front of you. As a teenager you are somewhat oblivious to what the future beholds but know that there is so much more out there and ahead in life. Your broken heart will mend. You will have bigger goals and dreams in the future. You will be great. You will be successful beyond petty high school stereotypes.


In life you will encounter mean people that will take you down. Instead of succumbing to their mean ways, move forward and push forward the obstacles. If you stay motivated and use criticism as motivation, you'll find that one day you'll look back on these experiences and realize that you have a great life. In the moment, when you're feeling the brunt of mean actions it's hard to see pass the adversity but believe it or not one day you'll move past it all and come out on top.


When you get your heart broken it hurts and you'll feel a wave of emotions that take over. You're not crazy! Love hurts - sometimes. Don't let a broken heart ruin your life. Accept the emotions and realize that you're not alone. Everyone is forced to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship. Instead of self-loathing your love loss, embrace the emotions and learn from the flashbacks and echoes of the relationship. Become a stronger person and don't give in. It's easier said than done but it's possible - just look around you.

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