"I'm Not the Only One"

Sam Smith's "I'm Not the Only One" is about a vow that's broken. The lover knows that her spouse is with someone else, but she's so broken that she doesn't know how to go on without him. Love makes people act in weird ways and while others may think it's crazy, emotions and feelings are broken.

"Never Let Me Go"

"Never Let Me Go" by Florence + The Machine is a song that carries a deep emotion that will cause any listener to cry. We turn to the one we love when the going gets tough. Most times we find comfort in the arms of our lover because they know the right words to say when we're feeling down and out.


Coldplay's "Sparks" talks about the feeling your heart experiences when it finds love. But, in this song the spark is no longer and it's now a distant memory. Since love has left, sparks is now the pain that remains within the heart and soul of the lover.

"The Dance"

"The Dance" was just one of Garth Brooks' many hits. The song is about experiencing love and how it takes over the mind, body and soul of a person. When you're in love, nothing else seems to matter. Even though love sometimes ends in heartbreak, the love that was once felt can seem worthy of the pain and agony of picking up the pieces. As Garth says, "I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance."


Sugarland's "Stay" is a song that identifies with the lover who wears their heart on their sleeve. Sugarland's lead singer, Jennifer Nettles, belts out the plea to the lover who is leaving. However, when love isn't meant to be there's nothing you can do. As human beings, we enter love with an open mind and heart - and no matter how much it hurts we still beg for the other person to stay.

"Don't Take the Girl"

Tim McGraw's country classic "Don't Take the Girl" tells the beginning and end of love. The song re-tells brief glimpses of how love is established and grows. In the end, fate steps in and love changes everything. In the beginning, love wasn't a thought but at the end love is the only thing that we can hold onto and something we can't see suddenly becomes a tangible element.

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