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If you’re unfamiliar with Lauren Daigle, she’s a multiplatinum-selling artist who has taken the mainstream and Christian music worlds by storm. Her joy-filled expression and soulful voice draw in fans worldwide. A bluesy combination of zydeco and gospel makes her music alluring to a large audience. Still, the authentic lure of Lauren Daigle is her music that fills the empty spaces in her listener’s hearts with hope, love, and truth.

Who is Lauren Daigle?

Lauren Ashley Daigle was born on September 9, 1991, in Lafayette, Louisiana, growing up in a nurturing family. When she was five, Daigle wrote her first song lyrics, singing a childhood poem that compared chocolate milk and muddy raindrops. At that point, her mother branded her “the music box.” Throughout her childhood, Daigle watched her parents love and serve people in need. Their ministry deeply impacted and inspired her to develop similar meaningful connections with others in the future.

Daigle didn’t consider a career in music until she was 15 when she contracted cytomegalovirus. The virus weakened Daigle’s immune system, forcing her into seclusion from the public for two years. However, Daigle’s mother arranged for her to take voice lessons to fight the depression that accompanies prolonged isolation. This decision proved therapeutic and provoked a passion in Daigle’s heart that came from the Lord, according to Daigle.

In an interview with J Maxwell at Z100 New York, Daigle told Maxwell that the voice lessons helped her find out what God had in store for her. Daigle said she started dreaming about stages, tour buses, Billboard charts, and award shows. At that point, Daigle began to question if she had cabin fever or if this was real. God told her that this was what He had in store for her, so she started pursuing music.

When Daigle got better, she hit the ground running. She started leading worship services at her church while attending a charter school. When she graduated, she went on a mission trip to Brazil, then came home to pursue a degree in Child Family Studies at LSU. In 2012, Daigle auditioned for American Idol, making it to the Hollywood Weeks rounds.

She got a “no” from Simon Cowell, which sent her home, but that didn’t stop her from going after her dream. Daigle started singing cover songs with a local band which led her to take a leap of faith. Daigle dropped out of LSU and moved to Nashville, where she signed with Centricity Music in 2013. Here are some Lauren Daigle songs that everyone loves.

"Light of the World"

Daigle released her first single, “Light of the World,” in 2013 through Centricity Music. Her debut single initiated her fanbase by introducing her to the Christian music market. That experience led to Aaron Shust and Mikeschair inviting her on their fall tour. “Light of the World” moves a worshipper’s heart with Christmas’ truth. It celebrates the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, and relates the modern believer’s desire for God with the reverberations of ancient Israel, who also yearned for their Messiah.

"How Can it Be"

Daigle released her first album, How Can it Be, in 2015, and it quickly rose to number one on the Billboard Christian Album chart. It was also nominated for a Grammy, causing Daigle to win the New Artist of the Year award. The album’s first single of the same name received accolades and acclaim from mainstream markets and the Christian music industry. “How Can it Be” is about Christ’s redemptive power, as shown to the woman in John 7 who was caught in adultery. Daigle was brought to tears when she first heard the lyrics, written by Jeff Johnson, Jason Ingram, and Paul Mabury. The words struck a nerve of humility and gratitude in her heart for everything Christ had done for her. The song hit the same nerve for millions of listeners, which is why it won the Dove Award for Best Song of the Year in 2015.


“First,” also from the How Can it Be album, reached the top of the Billboard Christian Airplay chart and stayed there for seven weeks. The idea for “First” came to Daigle when she was riddled with anxiety and called out to God, who reminded her of His promise and command in Matthew 6:33. In a “Behind the Song with Kevin Davis” interview, Daigle said the song is about seeking God first over everything else and letting Him reign over all things.

“Come Alive (Dry Bones)”

After the success of her first album, Daigle released a deluxe edition of How Can it Be in 2016 with two new tracks on top of the album’s original songs. A new song, “Come Alive (Dry Bones), was nominated for Song of the Year at the 48th Annual Dove Awards and peaked at number five on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. The inspiration for the song came after Daigle read Ezekiel 37. Before reading that chapter, she grieved over the dilemma of a nonbelieving friend. Through His word, God showed Daigle that nothing was impossible and allowed her to persevere in prayer for the lost world and her friend. Realizing that the world is filled with people like her friend, Daigle wrote this song as a reminder that no one is a lost cause because Christ can redeem anyone.


“Rescue” is on Daigle’s second album, Look Up, Child. When it was released, “Rescue” topped the charts in the U.K. and the United States. In 2020, the song went platinum and won the Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year in 2020. “Rescue” was inspired to be a lifeline to one of Daigle’s hurting friends. She didn’t know that the lyrics would impact a global audience by conveying the truth of the shepherd’s pursuit of one lost sheep, described in Matthew 18:10-14.

Since Lauren Daigle’s debut in 2013, her music has impacted the world, crossing lines of division. Some critics condemn her music for not being Christian enough, but they should explore her persona and realize that her music is an invitation to what God can do in your life.

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