If you have a teen or tween in your life, chances are you've heard all about the Jonas Brothers--Nick (16), Joe (19), and Kevin (21).  The brothers have been enjoying a ton of success on mainstream radio and TV--most recently with their new album, "A Little Bit Longer," but also in Christian circles.  The brothers, who have never been marketed as a "Christian band," are, nevertheless, very outspoken about their Evangelical Christian faith--their dad is a former pastor--and they all wear "purity rings" and have publically announced their vow to abstain from sex until marriage.

Check out this Jonas Brothers gallery of quotes about their Christian faith.

Love Songs About God

"Even songs we write today, if you really listen to the lyrics, it can be about love songs, but it's also about our relationship with God. It's simple. We're Christian guys in a rock 'n' roll band."

--Joe Jonas, USA Today

'Light in a Dark World'

"With our music we're trying to be successful. It's definitely a pop record. It's a pop/rock record for the mainstream. But our whole thing is to play mainstream music but to be a light in a dark world and to tell people that we are Christians when they ask, 'What's so different about you?' We're like, 'Well, we're Christians and we love the Lord.' That's our opportunity to witness to people. We just feel like this is where we belong - 'This is who we are and let's just go for it!'"

Kevin Jonas, Cross Rhythms

Purity Rings

"To us the [purity] rings are a constant reminder to live a life of values. It's about being a gentleman, treating people with respect and being the best guys we can be."

--Nick Jonas, Rolling Stone Magazine.

Praying Before Playing

"We do a lot of things [before we go onstage]. First of all, we pray together and we have a time to focus and get ready. We call it lockdown, and we have 45 minutes where it's just us and no one comes in and no one goes out. It's a cool time to get focused and we just get psyched and really excited about the show."

--Joe Jonas, Teen Magazine

Support in Tough Times

"Even when the world is pulling you down with Christ you have everything."

--Nick Jonas

The Importance of Faith

"We believe that we are Christians in a pop-rock band. That's just the way we do it. Our faith is really important to us and it's a big thing in everything we do."

--Nick Jonas, Fox News Extra

The Lord's Plan

"[Our parents] started a sign language ministry and they travel around the US. They started that in 1990 I think. They went all over the world. It was pretty amazing. They stopped when I was born… Then my dad became the senior pastor at the church in Wyckoff, New Jersey when we moved there. It was just amazing how the Lord planned it all. We moved to New Jersey and right there is where everything happens in the music industry and it kind of all came into place."

--Nick Jonas, Cross Rhythms

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