Click Here to Listen to "Lemonade" by Chris Rice

Christian Contemporary Music star Chris Rice has enjoyed much success over the past 10 years. His 2005 album, "Amusing" allowed him to cross over into the mainstream Adult Contemporary market as well--particularly with "When Did You Fall." Another one of his hit songs, the lively and upbeat, "Lemonade"--about sharing the lemons life hands you--is still climbing the charts and is also featured on Rice's new album, "What a Heart Is Beating For." With a voice and style that's been compared to James Taylor and John Mayer, Rice offers both songs reflecting his deep Christian faith, and on general topics such as life and love.

Congratulations to Kris M. from Simi Valley, CA, Raymond A. from Leesburg, VA, Wendy R. from Reading, OH, Jessica H. from Philadelphia, PA, and John L. from Elgin, IL. They have each won a copy of "What a Heart Is Beating For."
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