Following is the text to "Thank You Billy Graham," a tribute to the 87-year-old evangelist by an ensemble cast of singers and musicians. Lyrics used with permission of Pat Boone Enterprises.

Thank You Billy Graham
by Pat Boone, David Pack and Billy Dean

On the 7th of November 1918 he was born
to a Carolina farmer and his wife.
He grew up long and lanky, milkin' cows n' tendin' school looking for direction in his life.

He went to a church one Sunday
and met a preacher there
a man they call Mordecai Ham.
Young Billy heard the call, right down gave it all
as they sang `Just As I Am.'

He heard the word, he got the call,
he took the message to us all.
He said it so we all could understand.
Around the world, here at home,
he let us know we're not alone.
Oh, thank you, Billy Graham.

In little country churches, at the Tab and Youth for Christ people came from everywhere to hear him speak.
He had no idea just how God would use him next
'til in London's Wembley Field the spirit peaked

Father he adores you, he's tried to serve you well.
To everyone who'd hear him out, your story he would tell.
Though all the world may know him, he's still a humble man.
Whoever else may know your grace, remember Billy Graham, Billy Graham.

(Narrated by CNN's Larry King):
His ministry, on radio, TV and every type of
magazine, touching millions of every color, tribe and race;
from parliaments to presidents, from kings to common folks, each one heard the truth of God's amazing grace.

Thank you for the Father
Thank you for the Son
Thank you for our brother here
and all the work he's done.
He would not want to hear it,
he's such a humble man,
but around the world we need to say it,
Thank you Billy Graham ... oh thank you Billy Graham.

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