Krishna DasThough he's been a recording artist for just over a decade, Krishna Das' kirtans--sacred songs invoking the names of God--reflect a spiritual journey that's been in progress for more than 30 years. His latest CD, "All One," includes only four tracks, but together they offer a full hour of the Hare Krishna mantra, each track representing a different style--Indian, classical, rock, and South African.

On the disc, Krishna Das is accompanied by a 70-person choir, a 20-person orchestra, and some suprising collaborators: Walter Becker of Steely Dan on bass, Rick Allen of Def Leppard on drums, David Nichtern ("Midnight At The Oasis") on guitar, and Ty Burhoe on tabla. Recorded in three days in November 2004, the disc was co-produced by Krishna Das, Becker, Nichtern, Burhoe, and Jay Messina of Aerosmith.

Audio Clips: "All One"
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  • From "Rock in a Heart Space"
  • From "Township Krishna"

    Video Clips: Interview With Krishna Das
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  • On the making of "All One"
  • On chant in India and the West

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