1. You Get What You Put Out
Reverend Run: "Almost overnight, mad confusion set in and things began to change"

2. Dreams Come True
Reverend Run: "Stop chasing after illusions. Know there is a valuable treasure inside you. Know that your dreams are real and you have the power to make them happen. Listen to your heart and believe in what you are hearing. Trust yourself."

3. Keep It Simple
Reverend Run: "But my childhood was more than just us rapping. I think what made all of the success easy for me was the love I received from my brothers, Russell and Daniel Jr., and my crew."

4. You Will Make Mistakes
Reverend Run: "I might never have known God if I hadn't lived the life that I've lived."

5. Reinvent Yourself
Reverend Run: "Sometimes to know your divine nature you have to have the magic carpet pulled out from under you. If this happens, don't label it "bad." God loves you and is trying to help you."

6. You Are Always a Winner
Reverend Run: "Though I grew up in a religious home, where we prayed daily and went to church every Sunday, after years of being on the road, consuming and looking outward for satisfaction, I developed what I like to call Spiritual Amnesia. Spiritual Amnesia is a state of mind that progressively takes over and clouds everything."

7. You Can Stage a Comeback
Reverend Run: "I was out of control, I took my own light by not living up to par."

8. Giving Is Receiving
Reverend Run: "That diamond inside you is your particular gift. If you could describe yourself in one word, you're on the right course. If somebody mentions Run, you'll say, "Rapper." If you can't sum up what you do without stuttering and stalling, then maybe you don't know what you're supposed to be doing. Maybe you're not giving the world what you came here to give it."

9. Have Faith
Reverend Run: "The mind is very powerful. But it alone will not get you what you want. Your faith has to be in something. And you can't just say you have faith. You have to do something. Take action to make that faith happen."

10. Start With What You Have--Enthusiasm
Reverend Run: "Today think back to one activity that you really enjoyed as a kid. If you can, today do it just for fun. If not, try developing some new hobby that you've perhaps thought about but never gotten around to trying."

11. Love Is Giving
Reverend Run: "Sometimes you're better off without someone in your life if that person is going to hold you back from your blessings."

12. You Deserve It All
Reverend Run: "Nothing is too good for us. We are sons and daughters of the most high."
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