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You’ll be surprised as you begin to shed tears because it’s true this movie will resonate with everyone. We have all experienced adolescence and pulled away at some point in our lives. We have all struggled with life and questioned God. Yet, in the end, we all just want to be accepted and succeed.

“Once we realize we’re standing in our own way, things will work out,” said producer Russ Rice. Rice is one of the producers for the film Grace Unplugged, which releases in theaters October 4, 2013.

When brainstorming for Grace Unplugged, writer and director Brad Silverman decided to dig deep. Silverman and Rice are not only business partners, they are also good friends and when they collaborated both men made the decision to inspire.

In the movie, the main character Grace Trey is trying to figure out who she wants to be. Like all young adults, Grace rebels against her parent’s views and takes on independence by herself. “Everyone is a Grace because we’ve all rebelled against our creator,” said Rice.

The truth is Rice knows rebellion firsthand and has experienced it as an individual and as a parent. Rice’s daughter ran away. “My story is a normal family story,” said Rice. In the movie Grace runs away from home because she doesn’t believe that her parent’s support her dream and she decides to take matters into her own hands. She cuts ties off from her parents.

As Rice makes his promotional rounds promoting Grace Unplugged, a movie close and dear to his heart, he reminisces about his twenty four year-old daughter and the life that she is living. “There is a grace inside of all of us,” said Rice. There is no clear answer why things happen but the team behind Grace Unplugged believes that if you’re willing to stay faithful to God, he’ll guide you to the right path.

Christopher Zarpas, another producer of Grace Unplugged, also feels finds “Grace” within. Zarpas is the producer of Blockbuster films like The Sandlot and G.I. Jane; he left the glitz and glamour of Hollywood because he wanted more out of life. He moved back to Virginia and gave up the fame so that he could have a more fulfilled and satisfying life. In the film, Grace’s father, played by James Denton, did the same thing – he gave up the rock star life so he could live a more satisfying life and he put God number one.

The actors in Grace Unplugged recognized the message behind the film and instead of being worried with paychecks, they were focused on making a difference and helping others recognize God’s plan. Everyone at some point in their life sins but the difference is what you do in order to continue down the right path. We all have a little piece of Grace within us; the key is what you do with your grace.

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