From biography to spiritual analysis, a flood of new books has emerged to coincide with the December 9 release of the new movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." These books take readers through the fantastic allegory of Narnia from a number of different perspectives. This guide to a selection of these new books will help you decide what to read to prepare for the movie.

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Roar: A Christian Family Guide to the Chronicles of Narnia
By Heather Kopp with David Kopp

The authors, Beliefnet columnists who have written widely about Christian marriage and parenting, tackle Lewis's masterwork in this thick but accessible volume. Chock full of quizzes (called "Narniac Attacks"), concise plot summaries, glossaries, and "grown-up thoughts" about each section of the series, this thorough and engaging book is a great way for parents and children to enjoy Narnia together from a Christian perspective. The "Let's Talk About It" questions that pepper the volume are sure to start conversations and draw out insights from readers young and old.
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The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis
By Alan Jacobs

In this smart biography of Lewis, Jacobs explores how a scholar of medieval literature who liked to debate philosophy at the local pub came to create one of the best-loved series of children's literature ever written. Rather than provide a straight biography of a man and his life, Jacobs, who teaches English at Wheaton College, looks to re-create the development of a great imagination, delving into the events that shaped Lewis' philosophy, theology, and fiction. From his happy childhood spent playing with his brother to his horrific experiences in the trenches of World War I to his late-life marriage to Joy Davidman, Jacobs takes his readers on an enjoyable journey through Lewis's life and mind.
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Jack's Life: The Life Story of C.S. Lewis
By Douglas Gresham

This slim volume, which comes with an author-interview DVD, is written by the son of Joy Davidman and the stepson of C.S. Lewis. Gresham presents a more intimate Lewis than other biographers possibly can, thanks to his personal experiences with the author. Gresham, who was eight years old when his mother married Lewis, provides an intimate account of Lewis's life, from stories of living with Lewis during childhood to Gresham's poignant reflection on his stepfather's death (which fell on the same day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated). Altogether, Gresham weaves a narrative that will leave readers feeling they've gotten to know their beloved author that much better.
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The C.S. Lewis Chronicles
By Colin Duriez

Duriez, a widely published C.S. Lewis expert, thinks of his book more as "an interactive diary" than a conventional biography. By choosing specific dates in each year of Lewis' life and illuminating the events of those days, he allows readers to enter into Lewis' daily life and measure it in the context of the events shaping the outside world at the same time. Duriez paints a life rich with varied experiences and important moments, sometimes quirky and fun, sometimes tragic, and sometimes wise and noble. Duriez's book is unorthodox in its approach--but so was the life he chronicles.
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