The Letter Writer

Troubled musician Maggy receives a note of encouragement that changes her life forever. Through this note she learns about herself, her passion for music, and the love of others. Check out the DVD here and the Blu-Ray here.

August Rush

A young musical prodigy runs away to New York in order to find out who his parents are, and he comes to find that he is not an orphan after all. His estranged mother begins looking for him while the father, long forgotten, looks for her. August Rush is a movie about reconciliation and the power of music, especially when expressed by children. It’s a positive film about the importance of love and of family.


Ray Charles is one of the most beloved R&B musicians of all-time. His ability to write and play through his blindness made him a legend, and his infectious smile made him loved. Ray is the high point of Jamie Foxx’s career, and easily one of the best-told musician biographies of all-time. Even if you’ve never embraced his music, this movie will make you respect the man.


This story of a hit trio making it big in the golden age of disco made a big splash upon its release. Featuring signature performances by Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson, it tells a tough story that ultimately reveals the power of love and friendship. It’s funny, soul-stirring, and worth watching for Jennifer Hudson’s singing alone.

That Thing You Do

Much like Dreamgirls tells the story of a fictional group, That Thing You Do chronicles the rise and fall of a dime a dozen one hit wonder rock band in the ‘60s. The band sees great heights and crushing lows, but through it all they learn that music is bigger than just their band and that pursuing your dreams is never a waste.

Walk the Line

There are few characters in music that are more intriguing than Johnny Cash. This hit movie tells the story of his life with great detail and fierce accuracy, warts and all. Through all of the controversy Cash always pursued his dreams and embraced those closest to him, all the while changing the world with his music. It’s an engaging movie with truly memorable performances.

'Flags of Our Fathers'
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