Tod and Copper - The Fox and the Hound

In a distant animated world where animals can talk, the Fox and the Hound have been inspiring unlikely friendships for years.  The two were fast friends, and though they grew apart, life continually brought them back together.

Milo and Otis

This live action romp has long been a children’s favorite due to its adorable animal actors and hilarious overdub.  It’s easy to forget that this dog and cat are truly the most unlikely of friends, overcoming their differences to find their way back home.

Jesse and Willy - Free Willy

Jesse was a 12 year-old boy living on the street, until the day he found his foster parents and a far more unlikely companion – Willy.  Willy, the captured whale with a damaged dorsal fin, helps the boy overcome his past and teaches him the true meaning of freedom.

The Goonies and Sloth - The Goonies

The Goonies got more than they bargained for when they sought out buried treasure.  One of the first signs of danger was spotting the deformed man Sloth, brother to the fugitives who inhabit the place where the treasure is said to be.  Eventually though, Sloth turns on his family, becoming the best friend that the Goonies could hope for.

Chuck and Wilson - Cast Away

Chuck Noland was a man trapped on a deserted island, and in the most unlikely of events he was able to find a friend.  That friend may have been a volleyball, but Wilson did what friends should do – listen.

Miss Daisy and Hoke - Driving Miss Daisy

A Jewish widow must overcome her own fears, prejudices, and insecurities to do the most simple of tasks – drive.  Her son finds Hoke, who is eventually able to convince Miss Daisy to let him be her driver.  Soon Daisy finds out that Hoke is illiterate, and she begins to give back to him by teaching him how to read.

Shrek and Donkey - Shrek

Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy gave life to the most curious of duos – a green ogre and a donkey.  The two share little in common, with Shrek often annoyed at Donkey’s assertions, but they always have each other’s back even when they both find the women/ogres/dragons of their dreams.

Daniel and Mr. Miyagi - The Karate Kid

Daniel needs to learn to defend himself, and he finds the perfect person to teach him – his apartment’s handyman.  Mr. Miyagi is patient, kind, and he packs a mean punch of his own.  While wax on, wax off may not seem like stellar life advice, they become words to live by – not to mention win championships by.

Will and Sean - Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting and Sean Maguire had a friendship that started as a one sided teaching relationships.  Maguire was the therapist for the hurting and misguided Will, but as Will challenged him the two began to learn from each other.  It’s as emotional of a friendship as you will see on the screen, and Matt Damon and Robin Williams deliver stand out performances.

Turner and Hooch

A friendship between a man and a dog would seem like the most natural of friendships, but not for these two.  Turner is a policeman who is assigned a dog, and Hooch is, well, Hooch is a mess.  Even through all the madness Turner falls in love with the dog, and the two become partners in stopping crime.

Atreyu/Bastion and Falkor - The NeverEnding Story

There isn’t anything more unlikely than a boy befriending a flying dragon/dog/bird in a fantasy realm, and then another boy flying him through a modern day city.  Inspiring movie, great friendships, and by far the most unlikely scenario on our list.

Leon and Mathilda - The Professional

A hitman and a 12 year old girl – doesn’t exactly seem like a match made in movie heaven does it?  Well, this gritty thriller made it work, starting with the loner hitman who had a plant for his best friend.  Leon eventually learns to care for the girl, who sees him as a friend and mentor, and the two share a bond that crosses all boundaries.

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