New Hope

It’s always hard to move to a new place. New Hope looks at moving through the eyes of a teen who must deal with incredibly serious issues like alcohol and suicide. Overall though, it is about finding hope in those things. Check it out here!

A Walk to Remember

Dealing with death at a young age is always an awful thing. This poignant movie looks at the inspiring life of a young woman who leaves the earth all too soon. While it can be a tough watch, it is an important reminder that we need to live every day like it’s our last.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This may seem like a silly choice but this film does a lot to examine what teenage girls go through, and the bonds they can form that will last a lifetime. It’s a fun film and a good way to set your mind on autopilot, just know you aren’t in for something deep.


Juno is a lighthearted yet serious look at teen pregnancy. Not afraid to skirt the actual issues at hand, the movie provides funny and relevant commentary on an issue that teens face every day.

Rebel Without A Cause

A ‘50s classic, Rebel Without A Cause is a raw look at teenage life through the eyes of one who has severe disagreements with his parents and those around him. It’s a classic that while a little dated, still touches on issues that still exist.

The Breakfast Club

Easily one of the best movies from the ‘80s, the Breakfast Club is the rare teen movie that examines stereotypes in a meaningful way. It explores our greatest hopes and deepest fears, and shows most of all that inside we are all the same.

Dead Poets Society

Some movies stick with you for your entire life, and for me this is one of them. These prep school students deal with life at an early age, and they learn a great deal despite, and due to, their strict environment.

'Flags of Our Fathers'
Nominee: Best Spiritual Film of 2006 Read next feature >
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