“Because of Bambi and Thumper…children today get more messages about life out of that film…they resonate with that film. All the time I hear about how the film is about birth and maturity.”

Dunagan was given a great lesson from the movie, as well.

When asked what their favorite scenes were, Dunagan and Behn both agreed that the ice skating scene with Bambi and Thumper was great for comedic relief. However, Dunagan holds a special place in his heart for another scene as well.

“When Bambi was shot, here comes his father standing over Bambi saying ‘Get up! Get Up! You must get up!”…I was shot several times for this country…once it was 2 o’clock in the morning and I was the only officer that could call for firewatch…I was down but another officer came over to me saying ‘Get up, Get Up!’”

Bambi is an inspiration to those who have seen Bambi, and those who worked on it so many years ago. With its important messages about family, friendship, and growing up, the movie will remain a beloved staple of families throughout the world for decades to come.