BFFsWe’ve all watched them two, three, four or maybe a dozen times. They’re the movies that are enshrined as classics. No sequel, no prequel or remake would ever top the original because these movies have definite staying power that can’t be touched. We love these films so much that we’ve even incorporated their language, gestures and other personas into our every day conversations because they’re timeless. The great thing about these rewatchable movies is that they can be appreciated no matter what generation you’re tied to.

1. Clueless (1995): The dialogue’s witty invented slang based on Jane Austen’s Emma translated to a California High School courtesy of Alicia Silverstone’s Cher. After the film, everyone was saying things like “as-if,” “buggin,” and “Baldwin.” The movie perfectly defined the ‘90s teen culture.

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986): John Hughes’ definitive teen comedy shows Matthew Broderick as a hero. Broderick’s character, Ferris Bueller, shows an uncanny skill at cutting classes and getting away with it. Bueller’s last duck-out before graduation is a one-day journey that changed lives. The film portrayed a fantasy that every person has had at some point in their life.

3. Dirty Dancing (1987): Patrick Swayze’s Johnny Castle teaches Jennifer Grey, baby, how to dance. The film portrays every girl’s ultimate fantasy of finding prince charming. Grey’s character finds independence through true love and has the time of her life. Dirty Dancing is one of the best love stories of all time.

Toy Story4. Toy Story (1995): Pixar revolutionized the rules for animation. Woody enlists the help of Sid’s tortured toys in order to teach the bully a lesson. In reality, any Toy Story film is rewatchable because even though it’s a child’s movie it is relatable on many levels to adults as well. Woody and Buzz are a duo that will remain one of the best cinematic duos of all time.

5. The Shawshank Redemption (1994): Frank Darabont’s tough and tender drama about a wrongfully convicted inmate who never gives up is heart-wrenching and will send you on emotional rollercoaster. The film slowly became a classic without any extreme hype and everyone generally feels a personal connection to Andy Dufresne’s struggle.

6. The God Father (1972): Frank Ford Coppola’s epic mafia film is one of the best movies of the 70s. The plot is complex, the characters are cruel and intertwined within the whole ordeal are career defining performances.

The Wizard of Oz7. The Wizard of Oz (1939): The Hollywood musical fantasy left everyone saying, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Dorothy’s adventure with the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion on the Yellow Brick Road is life changing. The film at its core is about friendship and never giving up which are two elements everyone can relate to.

8. Die Hard (1988): The infamous John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, sets the stage for action films to come. If it could be blown up and destroyed it was and the level of surprise just continued on and on.

9. Goodfellas (1990): Martin Scorsese made everyone want to become a gangster with his film Goodfellas. The mobster personas depicted by Ray Liotta and the rest of the cast are mind blowing – no matter how many times you watch the film, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

10. Back to the Future (1985): Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly hits the gas and finds out what can happen when you go 88 mph. The inventions, coupled with romance and comedy make the film epic. Even if you’re watching the film in 2015, you’ll still be mesmerized by what once was and the future that was depicted.

11. Star Wars (1977): George Lucas is considered to be a God by many because of the Star Wars mythology he created. The force will never die and fans will watch the movie again and again in hope of developing a new theory about what should or could have been.

There are many other notable mentions – Casablanca, It’s a Wonderful Life, Grease, Pulp Fiction and the list could go on. But odds are you’ve seen these 11 movies more times than you can remember and you’ll continue to watch these great Blockbusters over and over again.

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