In Sympathy for Delicious, Los Angeles DJ Dean "Delicious" O'Dwyer's world is transformed when he's paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Bitter and depressed, he lives out of his car on Skid Row with his only friend being a Catholic priest who ministers to the local homeless community. One day, Dean realizes he’s been blessed with a supernatural gift, and he wrestles with the power to heal everyone else but himself.

The film is written by the Chris Thornton who is paralyzed in real life. He stars as Dean and brings a unique perspective on a lost soul who is both savior and in need of salvation.

Sympathy for Delicious is the directorial debut for actor Mark Ruffalo (13 Going on 30, The Kids Are All Right). He also plays Father Joe.

In the series of videos below, Beliefnet interviews Ruffalo and Thornton about the heart behind the film.

Sympathy for Delicious also stars Orlando Bloom and Juliette Lewis and opens in selected theaters April 29, 2011. This film is not yet rated, but due to its graphic nature, viewer discretion is advised.
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