Find yourself an army.

There is power in groups. Jesus said, “If two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Flying solo can be dangerous for us in the midst of struggles. Find people to lift you up and support you during your trial as the enemy will use trials to isolate you. When we are struggling, we need people to remind us that God is there in the light and in the dark. Talk with people who have been through something similar. Ask them to share their testimonies. Remember the enemy wants nothing more than for you to remain isolated. It prevents you from finding strength and a community to encourage you. Finding God during our deepest struggles is a fight. Most of the time we can’t see the bigger picture because all we see is challenges. Some valleys will last longer than others. Just like Stone, sometimes you just have to make mistakes in order to get on the right path. Is it easy? Positively not, but you can find the anchor of Christ to hold on to even if your knuckles are turning white from the stress. Natural disasters, poverty, hate and chaos may ensue while we are on earth. But allow God into the darkness and allow Him to shine a light on your deepest struggles, and you will find peace, hope and love.