“Old Fashioned” (2014)

“Chivalry makes a comeback” is the tagline for this 2014 faith-based film about modern courtship. Can a couple in our jaded world woo each other in old-fashioned fashion? Talking about the kiss would be a spoiler, so we won’t talk about it.

“You’ve Got Mail” (1998)

Nora Ephron’s fizzy, heartfelt movie still manages to be relevant almost 20 years later. There’s online dating, of course, and the state of bookstores today, but another reason film lovers keep returning to “You’ve Got Mail” is the insane chemistry between big-box bookseller Joe (Tom Hanks) and children’s bookstore owner Kathleen (Meg Ryan). In “real life,” they are business rivals, but their yearning, companionable emails pave the way for an epic kiss. You could even say it’s one for the books…

“Pride and Prejudice” (1995, 2005)

Which adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is better? Is it the 1995 BBC miniseries starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, or the 2005 movie starring Matthew MacFadyan? We are definitely not getting in the middle of that, but suffice to say, Austen knew how to create sizzling sparks between her characters, with brushes of the hand and pining looks and eye twinkles that just feel like kisses. For the record, both adaptations feature one blockbuster buss.

Going back to the top of our list, “Because of Grácia” fills the bill and satisfies romantics by following the same formula, with Chase and Grácia leading up to their very special moment. Typically, kisses come a dime a dozen on the silver screen. But as the movies on the list above remind us, just one kiss in a story line doesn't signal less romance; it in fact enhances it. And as true romance fans the world over will tell you, sometimes that one kiss is simply worth the wait.