What Is Your Favorite Way to Spend Time with Your Family?

Whether it's a cherished memory you share with your parent of reading books out loud together, or playing Monopoly with your siblings, time with your family can create bonds that only strengthen over the years.

In this spirit, we've asked our readers to tell us about their favorite ways to spend time with family. Read on to find out what they had to say.

Playing Board Games

My family and I love to play board games. It started when we were little kids, and my sister and I would have our cousins over. Now that we are all grown up, we still play the same games and the laughs are bigger than ever! Somehow it is still funny when my 20-year-old cousin pulls a card in Candy Land and has to go all the way back to the beginning. Someday we'll pass the tradition on to our kids.


A Family of Friends

Because my "real" family is so small, it is the friends we have collected over the years that have become our extended family. I feel happiest, safest, and most comfortable with a house full of friends, great food and great conversation. Welcoming the people I love most in the world into my home, whether they are "real" family or my family of friends, makes me feel satisfied--more than that, I feel almost swollen with love. For me, family is not about blood lines, but about the people who make you feel your best and for whom hopefully you do the same, and what better way to spend time than with those people, some fab food, and some real communication!


Playing Video Games

I'd have to say I enjoy watching/ridiculing bad sci-fi movies with my loved ones, particularly my fabulous wife and brother. I'm a recent [Nintendo] Wii-nie, so that's moving up the list as well... particularly since the Wii requires that you and your fellow dorks stand up and flail around like spastic monkeys in order to play. Fun times.

--The Eskimo

Going Out to a Game

I like going to baseball games with my family. All of us really love baseball despite having extremely different lifestyles and interests. It is a nice way for us all to come together and hang out as a group.


The Backyard Barbeque

My ways to spend time with the family is on vacation and on the weekends. We play in the backyard or go on outings. Barbeques also they enjoy...  Holidays are great...


Exploring the Internet

Sometimes we just hang out and play music and check out stuff on YouTube.


Playing with Pets

I have three boys and the best thing I found to do is going to pet stores, or going to the park, or simply play something in the back yard most of the time.

--Nikki Dearing

Movie Night

Me and my family look forward to Friday night movie night! Every Friday night we all get together a watch a new movie, or an old favorite. I enjoy being done with the week of work, school, meetings, homework, the list goes on and on, but by Friday we can all enjoy each other’s company and realize what really matters. FAMILY.


Relaxing Around the Table

Sitting around the table, eating good food, drinking good wine, and schmoozing. My mom writes goofy things for us to do, with really silly prizes. We are all adults, so we have a lot of fun.


The Gift of Time

My dad always said the best gift is the gift of time. My family takes full advantage of the time we spend together. We often have a bit too much wine and have fantastic conversations dealing with real issues--politics, religion, etc. We all have similar opinions but sometimes we strongly disagree. The beauty of it is that while we may not always see eye to eye, we respect one another's opinion. Then to wrap each evening someone is designated to bring a new board game to the table. We are champs at Scene It, Trivial Pursuit and our newest favorite--Apples to Apples. I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful family. I am truly blessed.


The Great Outdoors

Our best times together are when we're all doing some sort of outdoor activity. Here in the Northeast, weather doesn't always permit, but [we do it] even if it's dragging everyone out to shovel snow and come back in for some hot chocolate (keeping marshmallows in the pantry is a must!). If it's warmer, I can always convince my crew to go out for a hike. We pack plenty of snacks, dress for dirt and go exploring. Whenever I was in a lousy mood as a kid, my mom would always tell me to go take a run around the block, go outside, just get up and do. And I guess I liked how that worked. Getting outside, clear your head, have fun. Any time away from the TV and the computers (LOL look at me now) is great.


Holiday Happiness

My favorite way to spend time with my family is on Christmas day, to go to the movies, and to eat Chinese food. It's a longstanding tradition that we all love so much!


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