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Take a dash of "Spellbound"--energetic young people gearing up for a national competition. Add a bit of "Mad Hot Ballroom"--hours and hours of invigorating dance practice. Now set those stirring musical numbers amidst refugees from civil war in Uganda. "War/Dance" demonstrates the necessity of dancing even amidst the most trying circumstances.

More than two million members of the Acholi tribe have been exiled from their homelands because of the heinous efforts of the ill-named Lord's Resistance Army. "War/Dance" follows the stories of three children amidst the 60,000 refugees gathered at a "displacement camp." It is set against the backdrop of a national music competition, where war orphans from Patongo Primary School hope to compete. Produced by Shine Global to raise awareness and funds for the refugees, "War/Dance" celebrates the power of music and dance to heal our deepest, emotional wounds.