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The Kite Runner

The beloved novel "The Kite Runner" made a successful transition from Khaled Hosseini's pages to screenwriter David Benioff's script to director Marc Forster's screen. From the casting to the film's location in the Afghanistan-like Chinese city of Kashgar, the reader's imagination is on the big screen--be it in an abbreviated way, as most films based on novels are.

The adaptation's achievement is rooted in staying true to Hosseini's vision, giving readers a window into the Afghan culture that wasn't, and maybe still isn't, being depicted in major Western news outlets. The audience gets the ideal visual through the windowpane into Afghan spirituality with four unique characters: Amir, Assef, Baba, and Hassan.

Baba, portrayed by Homayoun Ershadi, stands to the far left of the spirituality spectrum as the most secular character. He believes the true test of a man is to never steal from others, and his prized possession in the diaspora is a small case filled with Afghan soil.