Topic: The latest Superman epic “Superman Returns” is said to be chock full of biblical symbolism that portrays the Man of Steel as something of a Messiah. Beliefnet movie critic Stephen Skelton even points to an array of comparisons between the spandex-clad hero and Jesus Christ, himself. But what do you think?

Beliefnet would like you to send us your review of the movie, noting some of the symbolism you find in the film as well as notes on what it suggests about the modern mythology of Superman. Is this superhero tale another Passion Play or comic-book science fiction? And does it do justice to the traditional story of Christ?

What to do:
1. Write your short review (200 words or less)
2. Include any points of symbolisms and/or comparison to the story of Jesus.
3. Rate the movie’s religious impact on a scale of five stars (five being the most powerful.)

Send to: E-mail Beliefneteditorial@gmail.com  Subject line should say: “Superman Review.”

Deadline: Monday, July 17, 2006.

Please note:
• Include your name, your occupation, and your city/state of residency.
• All writing must be original to you. If you are submitting a work that has been previously published elsewhere, please make sure there will be no conflict before submitting to us. We just want to remind you that, per our terms of service, Beliefnet trusts that you only send material you actually own (i.e. not other people's copyrighted materials) and by sending it to us, you grant us and our editorial partners the right to use it in any form.

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