"Dreamer" : The beautiful filly Soñador's promising racing career is cut short by injury. Attempts by a down-on-his-luck horseman to save her seem doomed. But his daughter develops a bond with "Sonya" and the strength and clarity of her dream reunite the family and carry them all to the World Thoroughbred Championships. Based loosely on the real-life story of Mariah's Storm, who recovered from injury to compete in the 1995 Breeders Cup Distaff.

"The Black Stallion": When their ship sinks, "The Black" rescues young Alec Ramsey from drowning. Marooned on a desert island, horse and boy slowly develop a deep bond of trust that carries them to the heights of triumph. Based on the classic children's books by Walter Farley.

"Seabiscuit": A gifted but abused race horse and three damaged men rescue each other, restoring hope for everyday folk in Depression-era America with thrilling victories. True story, based on the book by Lauren Hillenbrand. Fun fact: you can visit Rich in Dallas, the horse who portrayed Seabiscuit in the film, at the Kentucky Horse Park.

"The Horse Whisperer": The beautiful Pilgrim and his young rider are horribly injured in an accident. Though it seems they may be traumatized beyond rescue, a horse whisperer of mystical talents (Robert Redford) teaches Pilgrim to trust again, and horse, daughter and mother find healing. Adapted from the bestseller by Nicholas Evans.

"Black Beauty": The poignant chronicle of Black Beauty, a stallion in Victorian England, as he is sold to a series of owners, ranging from kind to cruel. Based on the beloved children's classic by Anna Sewell.

"Archer's Adventure": Archer won the inaugural running of the Melbourne Cup (Australia's version of the Kentucky Derby) in 1861 after walking more than 550 miles to enter the race (and 550 miles back home again). On the journey, horse and boy are guided by a spiritual force helping them develop strength of character. Based on a true story.

"Hidalgo": The remarkable American mustang, Hidalgo, and his hard-luck Pony Express rider (Viggo Mortensen) compete against the world's finest Arabians in a 3,000-mile desert race requiring all their strength, wits, experience and mutual trust.

"Sylvester": A wild horse partners with a 16-year-old orphan girl. Together they train to compete in the Rolex 3-Day Event, a challenging and dangerous horse triathlon, overcoming the considerable challenges life has dealt them.

"The Silver Stallion": Thowra is King of the Brumbies (Australian wild horses). Beautiful, strong, proud, and free, he is locked in a mythic struggle with The Man (Russell Crowe) who seeks to capture and possess him. Based on the classic children's books by Elyne Mitchell (who also wrote The Man from Snowy River).

"Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron": Spirit is a free roaming mustang stallion until he is caught by the U.S. Cavalry. Spirit endures pain, love, humor, friendship and trust.

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