(RNS) -- In a new report dubbed "The Sour Family Hour," the ParentsTelevision Council says television's offerings have grown raunchierduring the time traditionally reserved for family viewing.

"Much of today's family-hour sexual content deals with topics, suchas oral sex and pornography, which a decade or so ago were rarelytouched on even in 10 p.m. shows, let alone 8 p.m. fare," reads thereport's executive summary, released Wednesday (Aug. 1).

The Los Angeles-based organization works to encourage entertainmentindustry leaders to provide "positive, family-oriented televisionprogramming."

Its findings were based on the examination of six weeks offamily-hour shows from the 2000-01 television season and compared themto a previous study from the 1998-99 season.

Although the amount of sexual material decreased by 17 percent to aper-hour average of 3.1 instances, the council found the material oftenwas more raunchy.

The organization also found that coarse language and violenceincreased, prompting a jump of 24 percent in the overall rate ofoffensive content.

The council cited UPN as the most offensive, with a combinedper-hour average of 18.1 instances. NBC was in second place with 9.1instances, followed by Fox (7.8), WB (7.5), ABC (6.7) and CBS (3.2).