Paging John Edward

Twenty happy years later, the man dies, and the woman, Mary, sticks to her vow and visits a seance four weeks later. It went something like this: Mary: "Is there anybody there? I'm seeking my deceased husband John. Is he there?" Strange, booming voice: "Mary? Is that you, Mary?" Mary: "Yes John, is that you?" John: "Yes, it's me." Mary: "How are things where you are, John? What's it like?" John: "Great, Mary. Everyday after breakfast we make love until lunchtime, which lasts about half-hour, then we make love until dinner. After dinner, we make love until we fall asleep. It's great. I can't wait until you get here." Mary (shocked): "Is that what Heaven's like?" John: "I'm not in Heaven." Mary (fearing the worst): "Then where are you?" John: "I'm a rabbit in Florida!"
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