Gloria Gaynor

It’s more than just a song - it’s an anthem for life. Gloria Gaynor’s "I Will Survive" is a legendary song that has changed lives and provided people with the will to be brave. Inspired by the letters of thousands of fans – Gaynor has compiled inspirational letters, from over the years, into a book We Will Survive.

“What could be more inspiring than reading a story about something that you’re going through and they came out victorious,” said Gaynor. There wasn’t a particular story that inspired Gaynor to finally move forward with the book; however she wanted to make a difference within the world by providing people with comfort and hope.

“I don’t believe that we receive any gifts for just ourselves. We are meant to share,” said Gaynor. Over the last 35 years, “I Will Survive” has become a pop song that essentially has provided international inspiration.

After being reborn as a Christian, Gaynor decided that she would change one of the verses to, “Only the Lord could give me the strength to not fall apart.” Gaynor believed that the Lord has and would always stand by her throughout her life and she wanted to recognize that revelation. One night after a concert, a woman in Italy reached out to Gaynor about the lyrical change. The woman told Gaynor that God made her miss her flight because she was meant to see her show and that Gaynor’s performance changed her life. The woman was preparing herself to go home and commit suicide. That memory stands strong with Gaynor and further reinforced the power of song.

If you’ve ever struggled or felt alone, We Will Survive will provide you with the comfort of community. The book is filled with life-lessons, hope, inspiration and the bravery needed to overcome the impossible. It’s amazing that a song changed the lives of so many people. A song and a courageous singer, provided the world with a sense of security that we all need at some point in our lives.

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