Indiana Jones

Need to go on an adventure? This classic theme has you covered!

Chariots of Fire

No theme has captured the thrill of personal accomplishment like Chariots of Fire. Cross the finish line again and again!

Top Gun

Ready to fly through the skies of life? Put this instrumental on and get ready to take flight! Also, the outfits in this video are amazing.

Jurassic Park

You wouldn't expect a scary dinosaur movie to have an inspiring theme, but John Williams pulled it off! Enjoy ten hours of this amazing theme on one video!


Eye of the Tiger is great, but the real Rocky theme is this near-instrumental classic. Put it on and run up some stairs!

Back to the Future

A time traveling adventure needs an inspiring theme, and Back to the Future got one!

Mr. Holland's Opus

The closing moments of Mr. Holland's Opus reveal his grand work - the opus. It is appropriately inspiring, even if it is very '90s now.

Remember the Titans

We may all Remember the Titans, but its theme sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. It's a perfectly stirring and action packed theme, so give it a shot!

'Flags of Our Fathers'
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