Mad Men returns

After a far too long absence the Emmy winning drama returned in March. Fans were reunited with their favorite cast members who had moved into a brave new era.

The Avengers, the Hobbit, Bond, and Batman take over the box office

There were a number of great movies in 2012, but these four were some of the best. Nolan concluded his amazing Batman trilogy with a bang. It and Joss Whedon’s The Avengers battled it out for best superhero film, while Bond and The Hobbit made the winter memorable.

Taylor Swift's Red

In a year of exciting music news, Taylor Swift’s new album topped it all. The eagerly awaited follow-up delivered and people all over have been spinning it since.

Celebrities Who Waited Until Marriage
You may be surprised to see which celebs take the vow of virginity seriously. Read next feature >
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