Will Ross and Rachel get together??  That was the big draw of this series finale, and the show executed it in true Friends fashion.  It also gave viewers the proper goodbyes that everyone wanted, with a dash of humor and the great, touching moments that the series had become known for.  And yes, indeed, she got off the plane.

The Cosby Show

The Cosby Show was an important show for many reasons, and after eight years fans were sad to see it end.  The show closed with one of the classier ending scenes – the Huxtables waltzing off the set, through the backstage.  It was an appropriate ending for a show that was often funny while being entirely true to life.


The closing of classic Korean War comedy MASH was the highest rating program until 2010 when it was bested by the Super Bowl which was watched by over 100 million people. It is still the highest rated finale.  The show went out with a 2 and a half hour bang, including appropriately heartfelt goodbyes from the entire cast as the war ended.


This one is a bit awkward, as Scrubs regrettably aired one more season as a spin-off before closing the hospital doors, before doing so it put out one of the best series finales in recent memory.  It featured an appropriately heartwarming ending to the relationship between JD and Dr. Cox, who to that point had rarely opened up his heart about anything.  The finale even managed to bring back minor characters going all the way back to season 1, and JD walking down that hall of memories was both hilarious and emotional.  Hooch IS crazy!!


Cheers ends exactly the way it should have ended.  It may be predictable, but they got it right!


Many people have debated the ending of Lost.  What did it mean?  Why are they in a church?  Why did I just watch all of that?  The best thing it did though was actually provide a satisfying ending.  Many shows limp to the finish line, but Lost was firing on all cylinders through the end.  The show even referred back to the opening, providing a nice bit of circular closure for fans.

Firefly (Serenity)

Rarely does a series get the chance to cap itself off with a full-on motion picture, but that is exactly what Joss Whedon got to do with his beloved Firefly series.  The show, which didn’t even last half a season, gained in popularity after it aired on television.  This popularity resulted in the crew coming back for a film based on the show.  With no true finale airing, Whedon pulled out all the stops in this movie to bring the series to a satisfying, if bittersweet, close.


“It was all just a dream” is one of the most overused devices in modern literature and media, and television shows have not avoided using it either.  However, Newhart took the idea to a new level by making the entire show a dream by his character on The Bob Newhart Show.  The idea was so funny, and so meta, that it lives on in television history.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Most shows don’t end up with their primary location completely destroyed, but Buffy did – and it was grand.  Maybe the show lost its way at some point, but it surely delivered with its final episode.  Buffy was the only slayer, but in the end all of them were brought to the fray, propping up the dramatic feminist overtones of the show.  Themes of courage and redemption ran throughout – with lead bad boy Spike sacrificing himself for everyone else.  Buffy was always a surprisingly touching show, and this final episode was no different.  

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