Robinson's - "Pals"

This quick and fun ad, created for Robinson's Juice, has a great twist at the end that reminds you just how important family is.

Nike – "Possibilities"

Nike has taken its signuature "Just Do It" catchphrase even further, encouraging and inspiring viewers to never settle and to continue pushing themselves.

GEICO – Hump Day

Perhaps the most popular commercial of 2013, GEICO's "Hump Day" has become the midweek reference of choice for the working world.

Guinness – "Basketball"

A refreshing twist on beer commercials, this Guinness spot presents an emotion-packed display of true friendship among men.

Volkswagen – "Get Happy"

Volkswagen aired this ad for the first time during the Super Bowl, and its playful optimism sure is infectious.

John Lewis – "Christmas"

A true display of storytelling prowess and beautiful animation, this spot from John Lewis takes over two minutes without dialogue and turns it into a beautiful example of holiday spirit.

Dove - "Real Beauty Sketches"

This commercial received a lot of media attention, and rightfully so: it presents an unflinching look at the harsh standards placed on women and how they negatively can impact self-image.

Ram Trucks - "Farmer"

Ram Trucks show a well-warranted appreciation for the farmers of the United States, but goes even further to suggest that the hard work and strength required of a farmer can be found in all of us.

True - "Giving"

Revisiting the theme of short form cinematic storytelling, True's "Giving" creates more drama, tension, and satisfaction in three minutes than most feature films can in two hours.

Apple – "Misunderstood"

Apple was once a true innovator, both in product and in advertising. While the company seems to have gone on a lull in recent past, this sweet holiday spot presents an unexpected look at contemporary technology use and suggests that Apple may still have a few tricks left up their sleeve.

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