Celebrities are a very singular sort. They have to be in order to become a celebrity in the first place, and the experience of being rich, famous, and adored inexorably alters them even further. They seem so unlike us, more godlike than human. Yet despite this, they suffer from many of the same problems we all do.

Especially when it comes to relationships.

In reality, celebrities aren’t gods. They just as human as the rest of us—even moreso, actually. Think of them as normal, everyday people, but amplified. Bigger homes. Bigger money. Bigger breakdowns. Bigger blowups. Bigger pain. They are life, exaggerated, and when they fail, it all happens beneath the ever-watchful public eye.

An analysis by the Marriage Foundation found that celebrity couples divorce at nearly twice the rate of the general population. This study, which included an analysis of 572 popular celebrity couples who married since 2000, reveals the myth of the quick celebrity divorce to be true. The spotlight isn’t just making their divorces seem more prevalent—they are more prevalent.

But why? What causes the marriages of celebrities to tank at double the rate of everyone else’s? And, just as importantly, what can the average person learn from this?

Lets’ find out.

No Limitation and Infinite Temptation

Stars are under far greater pressure to separate than the average couple, and in no small part because of their fame and fortune.

Limits aren’t always a bad thing. Limitations can keep our baser desires in check. They can keep us responsible and accountable.

But celebrities don’t have many limitations, and, what’s worse, they have far more temptations. They work with some of the most beautiful people in the world. They’re adored by thousands of fans. Their money can take them anywhere, buy them anything.

And so there’s little incentive to remain in a relationship when things become difficult, especially for two people who are accustomed to getting what they want as soon as they want it.

Emotions are volatile things. How you feel about your spouse can shift over time, especially once the emotional honeymoon stage is over. When this happens—when the relationship is no longer primarily fueled by emotion or physical desire—married couples must choose to love and care for each other.

When relationships hit an inevitable low, sometimes limitations are what temporarily hold them together—divorce is difficult, painful, and financially draining. And sometimes, these considerations can make all the difference, encouraging a couple to heal a relationship rather than move on.

But it’s at this point that many celebrity marriages fail. When that emotional drive dies away—typically around the two year mark—other opportunities begin to look a lot better. And because of a lack of financial consequences, many celebs simply move on to the proverbial greener grass.

Although the celebrity version of this issue may be bigger and crazier, remember, in your own relationship, that emotions and attractions come and go—work hard to establish a close, intimate friendship with your partner that can serve as the bedrock of the relationship with other factors vary.

Remember your commitment to your spouse—it’s one of the most important promises of your life.

"Leggo My Ego"

Power changes most people, and one of the first things to change is often the size of one’s ego.

"When two powerful people start asking one another to give up attention and time, resentment can brew."

In any marriage, it’s important to consider your partner’s needs and wants, not just your own. But since many celebs are accustomed to being the center of attention and admiration, this doesn’t always work out. When two powerful people start asking one another to give up attention and time, resentment can brew.

This problem can become especially pronounced when one celeb partner or the other is offered a life-changing job opportunity—one film, music, or book deal can completely change the direction of someone’s life.

And when two people who aren’t willing to bend to anyone else’s will find that their lives are headed in different directions, that’s it for the relationship. This is especially true if a spouse becomes competitive, and subsequently resentful of their partner’s success.

This was the primary reason behind the high-profile split of Scarlet Johansson and Ryan Renolds.