Naomi Judd
Photo credit: Harry Langdon/Hallmark Channel ©2005 Crown Media United States, LLC
The Judds--Naomi and her daughter Wynonna--shot to the top of the country-music charts in the 1980s with a string of hit albums. Their success was disrupted, however, when Naomi was diagnosed in 1991 with Hepatitis C, a potentially fatal liver disease. She survived, and has dedicated herself to raising awareness about--and money to combat--the disease. Lately, she's ventured back into the entertainment arena with a talk show, "Naomi's New Morning." Something of a cross between "Oprah" and "The View," the show mixes celebrity and author interviews with segments, called "Naomi's Circle of Friends," in which clergy people from various faiths chat with Judd about a different issue each week. After taping a recent episode in the show's Manhattan studio, Judd remained on set to spend a few minutes talking with Beliefnet.

Read the interview below or listen to Judd talk about:
Do you have a dream guest for your show? 

If I could have one guest, it would definitely be Jesus Christ. [Laughs.] And I would ask him, "Did you have siblings?"

Once, I was doing an interview with Larry King on "Larry King Live"--of course, he's been married seven times, and, I think, Larry would call himself an agnostic--and I ask him during a commercial break, if he could have any guest, who would he have? He said, "God." I said, "What's the first question?" He said, "I would ask him if he had a son."

On the show taped today, you discussed beliefs about the afterlife. What are your thoughts on what happens after we die?

I certainly have always believed not only in God, but of course, that there is life after death. I got to hang out with a bunch of physicists. I know it's almost laughable--the hillbilly and the geniuses--but one of the first things I learned from my physicist friends and from some of the really hard-nosed scientists is that one of the immutable laws of physics states that energy can't be created or destroyed. And that tells me that everything is energy. If you want to get technical about it, or scientific, it means that we are electrobiomagnetic energy force fields, and we are recyclable.

Right now, this flesh and bone and muscle that takes a human form is not it all. I've always sensed that we are spiritual beings, and that we have a human incarnation--we walk around figuring out how to grow in love and wisdom and be of service. And that's what we're here on life's journey for. It's really a process of expanding or, in some cases, contracting, due to the consciousness we have and our free-choice decisions.

I got a letter yesterday from a dear friend--we've been pals for about a decade--his name is Dr. Francis Collins. He is with the National Institutes of Health, and he helped decode the human genome sequence. He's a super-believer, as am I, and he's writing a book on science and spirituality. He sent me a letter knowing how for years I've championed the belief that the two are not mutually exclusive, that they are in fact compatible. Science asks us how, and spirituality asks us why. I love people who are not afraid to hold up their belief systems to the light. The truth is the truth is the truth, and it's immutable, but insight keeps the truth in sight and it invites us to deepen our personal experience.