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With so many marriages ending in divorce these days, it’s surprising that a Hollywood couple could stay together. However actress Candace Cameron Bure and her former NHL hockey player husband, Valeri Bure, are doing just that. They say that one thing keeps them together: Jesus.

Their marriage has already exceeded two decades, and they are a beautiful example of what both and unwavering commitment to God and each other can blossom into. Through the ups and downs of life, the couple has continually relied on God’s Word. They go back to the Bible in times of trouble to reminded of which direction they should go. It has made them more resilient with each passing year.

“The reality is the glue for us is Jesus,” Bure said in an interview with People. “It’s the Bible. You know, when there are arguments or we’re compromising and in ways, it’s always like, ‘Well, let’s just go back to the Bible.’ It’s the foundation for us. So it’s not about winning or losing. But doing this journey together.”

On their 20th wedding anniversary in 2016, Bure took to her Facebook to echo similar thoughts. She wasn’t afraid to admit that her marriage hasn’t always been perfect, and that her family has gone through some low points too despite their fame. She wrote:

“Let’s be real for a second. We are celebrating 20 years of marriage today. 22 years together as a couple. I couldn’t be more proud to be here and love my man the way I do. But let me assure you it hasn’t been all roses the whole journey. There have been several tough years, in a row, ups and downs, bad attitudes and bad decisions, but we’ve persevered. We rode them out. We loved each other through them. We kept the focus; God’s glory. We are both better for it. I’m so grateful and thankful for the man I married. Neither of us are perfect, far from it, and will continue to make mistakes because we are human. But God’s Word and His grace see us through- striving to be the best of ourselves in Him. To God be the glory. Thank you for an awesome 20 years together. I pray for another 60. Amen.”

"But God’s Word and His grace see us through- striving to be the best of ourselves in Him."
Candace’s marriage hasn’t always been viewed by everyone in such a good light, either. In her book “Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose”, Bure writes: “My husband is a natural-born leader. I quickly learned that I had to find a way of honoring his take-charge personality and not get frustrated about his desire to have the final decision on just about everything. I am not a passive person, but I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship because I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work.”


When this first came out, many Christians were hesitant to accept her use of the word “submissive” in the book. However she addressed the concerns in an interview on HuffPost Live.

“The definition that I’m using with the word submissive is the biblical definition of that,” she explained. “So, it is meekness; it is not weakness. ... It’s strength under control. It is bridled strength.”

She continued, “I love that my man is a leader. I want him to lead and be the head of our family. And those major decisions do fall on him. It doesn’t mean I don’t voice my opinion. It doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion…So within my marriage, we are equal in our ... importance, but we are just different in our performances within our marriage.”

With her marriage working for as long as it has, it’s easy to see that they have found roles that work well for them. They have been able to build a foundation of trust that not many couples have in today’s society, and that is profound.

The couple has three children together: daughter Natasha and sons Lev and Maksim. They both turn to God to help them raise their children, and have created very strong relationships and bonds because of that.

“It’s so important to engage with your kids constantly. I talk with them nonstop from really kind of intense and deep conversations to the fluffy stuff and the day-to-day,” she said. “But it’s important to let them know that you’re there for them no matter what. As a mom, I’m always going to have an opinion, but not in a judgmental way, if that makes sense. I’m going to give my best advice as a mother, or my husband as a father. But we want to be open enough that they don’t feel scared to be able to talk to us.”

Candace Cameron Bure is an excellent example of how putting God in your marriage can truly make it flourish. In times of trial, don’t be afraid to sit down with your own spouse and open up the Bible. God has answers for you on how to make your marriage work through the tough times, even when you feel all hope is lost.

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