Harry Connick Jr.

This famous jazz pianist turned actor has sold over 25 million records.  He was born in New Orleans with a Jewish mother, whose family owned a record store.  He began playing piano at the young age of three, making public appearances by the time he was five.  Though he chooses not to speak openly about it often, Connick is now a practicing Roman Catholic.  He credits his mother with teaching him Christian actions, and his parents faith with shaping his values more than the doctrines of the church, though he values those deeply.

Stephen Colbert

Charleston, SC native Stephen Colbert is a hilarious late night parody of political commentators, and he is also a devout Roman Catholic.  Colbert was the youngest of 11 children in an Irish Catholic family.  Self-described as a man of family values, Colbert teaches Sunday School in New Jersey and often tackles religious issues on his popular show.

Troy Polamalu

The six time pro bowl selection and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker may be known for his hard hitting and sleek hairdo, but he has quite a different life outside of the big stage.  As a young person in Oregon, he went to Catholic school and valued his family and church.  He is a true man of faith who seeks to glorify God on and off the field.  His teammates credit him with bringing faith and joy to the team, his parish priest who has celebrated mass with Steelers players and coaches for 10 years, is a large part of his life as well.

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